Friday, 13 March 2009

Exam Over!!!!

Finally,exam is over.Holidays start!!!First of all,happy holidays to all of you.Yanyi sure got a lot of events,right??I also have a lot of events.My holidays will start as two days overnight camp in school.midnight hope can got out from the school and go mamak stall with my cousin zhong en to watch MU VERSUS LIVERPOOL!!!!it will be a very exciting game.furthermore,i m liverpool's fan while my zhong en is MU's fan like Abi.Abi,this time who will win leh??let's bet.i bet liverpool win > abt u??xD

After liverpool blasted real madrid 5-0 aggregate,the Star newspaper big title stated:MU,you're the next! wakakaka~

hope u all r well.yanyi n jeffrey,post more ur lifes there leh.duno wats up there pun.

congratz bu4 got 2 students got 15A1.congratz to Soo Yin ya.XD

For my skul here,the pihak sekolah fix the maximum subjects can take is 13 subjects,to ensure all students can get aggregate 1.the skul got 79 students straight As,13 students got aggregate 1,n 100% passed the exam.