Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Emo season~

Well lately lotz of my friendz are emoing,

errmmmm i dun really noe y.......

for those of u dat r really curious ( PPLS FEELINGZ U DUN KACAU LA!!)

even yanyi everyday so funny, so crazy, so high oso got timez dat he's "shudduping" in class and not talking to anyone.

Oh yar, i almost forgot...dun cry ben wei XD jkjk

*it wasnt a really good day 4 him =B u noe wat i mean ben wei ^^ BECAREFUL!!

Tday we had our 1st practice for hari koko,

Yaps itz the 1st we had this year, quite satisfying, but we still didint get to finish the last part T.T

*those of u who didint turn up without any reason tday wont be participating in the hari koko

performance. still quite inconfident about this performance -.-, a lot of my friendz commented it lookz more like a drama den a ninja show =P

Ohhhh !! while we we're practicing, scoutz were practicing really hard!!! gud luck for hari koko!!

u guyz roxx!!

Dun emo la......although this picture isnt really dat nice...hope it will cheer you up ^^