Sunday, 25 October 2009

Liverpool VS Manchester United

Oh My God!!!This super match will kick off less than 2 hours later.

Perharps I will be going to watch it at Mamak stall.

Well,undeniably Liverpool will WIN!Chee Wai,Manchester is going to be BOO at Anfield.HAHAHAHA

PMR has ended about two weeks d.Although so, my life after PMR so far was not really free, but very busy.

Right after we passed up the last paper, we were called to meeting. Every teacher thought that we would be very free and should not idle away the time.They just fantically prepare a lot of activities for us : frisbee contest, sandcastle competition, chess competition, RIMUP and so on. I merely stay in class for 5 minutes each day.

And I don't think yesterday's Backwood Competition was an end of my busy exam-free days...This week and the week after will just be as busy as before...

The most exciting event was my adventure to KL to celebrate Yan Yi's birthday.

Ohya, we got the champion of Penang Sandcastle Building competition.

Here is the link :

Will post the pictures and photos of the competition , RIMUP and highlights of KRS Backwood Competition 2009 soon.