Thursday, 2 June 2011

Driving to BM

This title may sound ordinary, but for me it is ground-breaking and exciting!!

This morning right after my dad sent my mum to her kindergarten, my super cool father (again, super cool) asked me whether I would like to hold the sterling. Of cause I say yess!haha. Hence, he parked at the roadside and I was on the driving seat seconds later. I will drive him to my BM church instead of him sending me there.

Okay, I did all the pre-drive routine like adjusting side mirrors and so on. And my father prayed!! Well, he was not a Christian until some years ago, and he seldom pray, or I should say I never hear him pray 'self-inducedly' without anyone asking.

I chuckled, this was what he prayed :" Our lovely Father in Heaven, we are now going to BM Grace Church, I pray for journey mercy along the way.In Jesus name I pray, Amen." Hahaha, I was really laughing that time, in my heart. It's not I did not need God's divine protection, it's because my father suddenly become so soft and tender, like a mother. Perharps he was scared? And I murmured in my heart :" Papa, don't worry, I will drive you safely."

Well, I signalled right and out on the road. Seconds later I realize I forgot to tighten my seatbelt -____- and forced to stop and tighten it.

The beginning of the journey was not bad, in fact its very smooth. When we were approaching BM, challenges started to emerge. As everytime we went to church on Sunday, I slept the whole journey. The consequence is I didn't know the way quite well. So everytime my dad gave the instructions I must take seconds to respond, and I just shift lane suddenly. This really scared him.

Got one time when I turned right, I stepped on the brake pedal too hard, and it became emergency brake. Imagine I just stopped the car in the middle of turning corner. My dad yelled!! Luckily no car was following us too near. Hahaha. So I learnt not to stepped the brake pedal so hard. The next turn I just stepped lightly, perharps it is a big car and the car just swifted in the lane. This time was too fast. My dear dad yelled again. =.=

By the way my driving skill was still above 90 as a beginner.XD So Wen Nee ah, I can drive safely k. Nevermind, I drive ah Jing enough. =P

The journey took 30 minutes, quite long for a beginner really. I enjoyed it very much and my dad say just need to practise more especially with such a big car.

Well, who want to sit my car??