Friday, 17 July 2009

Busy huh?

It's Friday night again!!since tomorrow is Saturday,I knew today is friday =.=

Actually tomorrow has no skul activity wan,laz week the Penolong Kanan Kokurikulum said d: Form 3 and Form 5 no need to attend koko d and stay at home to focus on PMR and SPM.But...I need to go to skul at 12.30pm to arrange chairs-.-

Every clubs and societies in our skul have its own duty during skul function.I think the main objective is emphasize the spirit of gotong-royong.haha~KRS in our skul is responsible for chairs-arranging I think.If there got any function need to provide chairs for audience, it is our job. However, we are considered very lucky because,those Karates need to clean the toilet for visitors,before and after.XD

It seems like these few days everyone is so busy.I do try to be busy too.Jeffrey is so busy,and YanYi is not so free too.Friends around me started to do their revisions,prepare for PMR d.Even Soo Yeng has started her preparation a few weeks ago.She told me while we were chatting,and the time is almost 12.

Frankly, I haven started my revision,I duno wad I m doing now,everyday juz idling around.But I do read books,like Angel And Demons,Deception Point by Dan Brown. I juz borrowed a book,a non fiction wan,titled 1421 The Year Chinese Discovered America. I think it is quite famous a few years ago.

By the way my brother will be back on nex monday.His flight will arrive at 5.00pm,which is too bad,I have tuition class until 4.40 T.T Impossible for me to get to the tol,cross penang bridge,rush to the airport in 20 minutes time.

And,Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince has been rolled out on laz Wednesday!!Will be watching with my bro I think.XD


LAme JoKe 15

A woman was telling her friend,

"It is I who made my husband a millionaire."

"And what was he before you married him?" Asked the friend.

The woman replied,

"A billionaire."