Friday, 20 March 2009


Ah,my holidayz started with a two days camp.For our infomation,that was the first and the last camp which is allowed to stay overnight at school this year.Because of the scandal last year,the residence opposities the school report to police about the school is too noisy at night.Scouts were playing night games that time,they thought got serious problem happened when they heard shouting and screaming.XD

Well,a lot of mosquitoes like usual.But at least Liverpool won MU 4-1.Hahahahaha~huh,i missed the match though.The teacher not allowed as to get out of the school that time,although my cousin and I lied we went for tuition or somethingT.T

Then on Tuesday,we went to Penang War Museum for Sejarah Project.We started our journey from Jetty Butterworth.Then take rapid no.307 to batu Maung.We think the driver don't know the way to Batu Maung-.- he stopped and ask others rapid drivers.Then,on the way he studpid enought to change the bus number to 303,cause two passengers aboarded wrongly.One of them is USM student,he argue with the driver.Suddenly he blurted out 'Hak Pengguna',sounds like very familiar... ...Orh,he got listened to his Moral teacher last time.

Reached there,we need to walk up the is quite a distance.den we pay and got in.snapping pictures and all.Now ask you,when was the Japanese reached Malaya?8 december 1941.Wat time???haha~is 12:15 midnight.there got many barracks,like torture room,rooms for them to rape,cooking place and even tombs.

There are oso tunnels and secret passage way.We climb through all,my fren is damn brave,he lead us into the tunnel,u cant even see your fingers inside,and it is juz one person wide haf person high.we hold each other hands one by one,and that follows me is a girlT.T(thanks GOD her admirers arent there)

After two hours we took a bus to Queensbay,and watched Race to the Witch Mountain.XD quite nice,but I dont think the title suitable for the movie.:)

So,yanyi ur team win bo??ytd ask me to on9 but where are you??I wait you til my hair turn grey d.wahahaha~sorry for giving you hopes that I will go bk kl this few days.XDhaha but mid year holidayz I will try to viist u.