Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Last Tuesday of 2010

hiak hiak hiak!

So today is the last tuesday of this wonderful year.

According to the news, today will be no water supply to the entire Penang region huh, some people still escape to Taiping lol.

My mother advised me to fill up my water tumbler last night for today, my daddy asked me to wake up early in the morning before 7am to take bath. There would be 12 hours without water supply in our area.

Well, I did as what my parents ordered since I am a very good and obedient kid.

The alarm clock rang at 6am, I was half way in my dream, I just turned off it with one swift movement of my hand.

I remembered I was still walking in the pathway in my dream, suddenly a thought from the real world struck me : Matthew you are supposed to wake up and take bath NOW!

This kind of scenario always happen on me in the morning, I was still dreaming, but another voice will ask me to do something else. I have been researching this kind of ability and phenomena with Jingxue, who has similar experience and interest in dreams.

We always chat and exchange dreaming experience at school, and we plan to write a book about our experiences and researches. After that, we will make the sequel of Inception.hahaha.

okay okay!want more information about this?Wait for our book to publish with high anticipation ba.Can't reveal much here.

So I just jumped up from my bed and grab a look at my clock. Mama Mia!It's 6.50am!

I rushed into bathroom, thinking the government won't be so punctual.

I started my breakfast at 7.30am, hastely finished them so I could wash my hands before the water stop flowing from pipes.

Well, there's still got water supply around 11am, I wondered why. I am sure today is not April Fool.

My daddy told me :"Maybe it's because we are living in Condominium, so there is a water tank for storage..."


I woke up so early................


Monday, 27 December 2010

Last Monday of 2010

Fuyoh, last monday of 2010, this title like very k yeng.haha.

Today went to school reluctantly to clean up the aftermath situation we left after camp. When I dragged my heavy body towards our KRS storeroom, I saw just a few came. My body became heavier.

Then Chun Yung told me a great news, they will only start the work afternoon with the help of Form2 members. YEAH!My heart leaped!I have KLP tuition 2.15pm on Monday!HAHAHAHA.

So I spent the whole morning at school revising Form5 chapter 1, KLP told us that today would be a test. He was dead serious when he told us, so I better don't take the risk of hoping he would forget.

Tuition started. He said he would leave the last 20 minutes for the test but eventually he couldn't make it T.T

I straight away to go Hair Decor to get a hair cut after that, since tomorrow Penang will be no water supply,I can't wash my hair after hair cut. Perharps many had the same thought as mine, Hair Decor was crowded with people. I must wait for 30 minutes for my turn.

After awhile, Itik and Angie went in. Walao A, they even get a hair cut together. Angie couldn't recognise me, how sad. =(

blah~so I am now preparing my heart to welcome the last tuesday of 2010 to arrive.XP

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Santa Claus is leaving the town!

Yo finally Christmas is over.

We have about one more precious week to go before school reopen.

argh!so fast the holidays gonna end!Still remember the time I yelled and shouted and jumped when handing up my last exam paper on November.

Let us just cross our fingers and pray that we can spend our remaining holidays with excitement, joy and in a meaningful way.

Hey, I am not refering to you Neri, your holidays still have one month to go.By the way I advise you stop laughing at us and spend your time wisely too!If not one month later I will see you posting the same thing again.hng!

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Blessed Christmas!

Hark the herald angels sing
"Glory to the newborn King!
Peace on earth and mercy mild
God and sinners reconciled"
Joyful, all ye nations rise
Join the triumph of the skies
With the angelic host proclaim:
"Christ is born in Bethlehem"
Hark! The herald angels sing
"Glory to the newborn King!"

Christ by highest heav'n adored
Christ the everlasting Lord!
Late in time behold Him come
Offspring of a Virgin's womb
Veiled in flesh the Godhead see
Hail the incarnate Deity
Pleased as man with man to dwell
Jesus, our Emmanuel
Hark! The herald angels sing
"Glory to the newborn King!"

Hail the heav'n-born Prince of Peace!
Hail the Son of Righteousness!
Light and life to all He brings
Ris'n with healing in His wings
Mild He lays His glory by
Born that man no more may die
Born to raise the sons of earth
Born to give them second birth
Hark! The herald angels sing
"Glory to the newborn King!"
It's Christmas!!Yay!!Although I am now spending it in front of computer. What a waste.
Yesterday a small group of us visited Xue Kai's house for Christmas party. Many were invited but many were not turned up.
For girls there were only 2, Sui Jing and Neri. There is the place where Sui Jing took so many personal intimate photos of mine. Feel so shy lah.
As the core organizer, Sui Jing left the party soon enough with Neri around 9 I supposed.Grrr.
Later on Wen Jiong came and we started to play Wii.XD
We spent time on playing Wii until we forgot to count down for Christmas -.-

Friday, 24 December 2010

KRS Training Camp 2010

yeappeeeeeeee!!Finally the training camp is over!we toiled so hard 2 nights at school to make the preparation, 2 sleepless nights to make it successful, and now it's over!!And my holidays are going to over soon...

I got stung ( or should I say bitten, but it felt like stung) by red ants on the first night. That night I slept at 12.30 and woke up at 1.30am, we gathered at the small field between A & B block to make decoration for open ceremony. Don't know who put a can of unfinished potato chips on the ground. I picked it up and intended to throw into trash bin. Halfway walking to the nearest dust bin I felt a sudden pain on my right hand, so I dropped the can and begining to rub my hand.You know the action, sort of Sui Jing and Neri will do when they spot a tiny cute cookroach, jumping and yelling. However, for a brave young boy like me I just crossed out the yelling part, jumping because of pain.XD

The pain was terrible. 3 spots on my right hand and 1 on my left were ambushed by the red troops. After putting some antiseptic cream, I continued my work diligently. However, the pain was getting unbearable as the time passed on. The wound on my left thum began to swollen, right to the morning,my thumb was 2 times bigger than the right one.ARGH!

The camp was started, I did not take leave for that though ( because I am a trained KRS DM and highly spirited,highly honoured,hightly playful, highly strong.XD).

When come to 5 something, my wrist also got swollen, my left hand was like wearing boxing gloves, my thumb totally can't bend at all. I was so sad because I was forced to leave the camp site and seek for medical help.

My former president - Sjn Yeo Yen Huan, the son of Mdm Ooi Lay Seik our math teacher, sent me to Doctor Ang but realised that they went to Japan. Later on we found a clinic and registered. The doctor say must take injection.


er...em, I was not afraid kay.

I was so calm...

She let me choose whether want it on arm or buttocks, she said buttocks will be less pain.

What the hell, I choose arm because so shy to take off my undergarments in front of so many ppl.

But Yen Huan advised me to take it on buttocks. With much shyness, I lay down on dunno-what-bed lah. He helped me to untie my boots.


Doctors are good liers.

Okay okay~now get back to the title. The camp quite okay lah. Not up to our expectations. However, the treasure hunt was quite successful!Many members commented as enjoyable!HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA~told you all dy Jing, my movie is very good de. Don't believe?Check out Facebook ba.muuahahahaahahahaha.

My water games, haiz, on the other hand, were not so lucky. It rained heavily that time, with thunders.

Happy Christmas Eve!!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Undang Courses with Khai Cheat & Angie Loh

Yeah!!Finally!I am of age to go for the undang-undang course!Yeah!You know the feelings?NO?haha~who ask your birthday is so late.wakaka~That's mean!I am a man!not a kid anymore.I will have my driving license soon. Comparison to 21-year-old which we can vote in election, having a driving license comes first and more mean to us young adults.haha.

I was so scared I couldn't make it on this holidays,cause we will have no time when school reopen. However,through Angie we finally selected SLM and registered there.

As you check your calendar ( as a reminder for you how long we have till school reopen too :D),next saturday is my dear Christmas Day!One week later will be New Year.Wow, luckily we made it today.=)

As usual, where ever when ever I am around, funny things will happen.hahahaahaha!!(Neri please don't show your -.- expression.)

They asked us to be there at 8.00am and will transport (not teleport) us to Seberang Jaya Centre. We waited 15 minutes but no one appeared to open the premise...

7 of candidates ( as they called it) in her Avanza and we started our journey, boring day but I destinied to make it a special day.XP

Khai Cheat, Angie and I crammed like tin sardine at the back seat. When we reached the place, my head accidentally bang on the door frame of the car and I never seen so many stars in my lifetime. You may laugh at me now, but you will be the same while the aunty kept reciting :"小心!撞头!caution!bang your head!" -____________- It's human natural reflexes to follow instruction kay.

When we finally settled down in the leturer room, the leturer was so strict. He wore dark chocholate long sleeve with dark red tie.Azure blue slack and looked like in his mid-fifties. His grey hair, toghether with his specs formed a face that you will never try to have a go with him.

This man is Mr Ong.

And he is 78-year-old,speaking fluent native tougue Bahasa Malaysia, but can read and write Chinese I think. Wow~from his headmasterlike attire you'll respect him from heart. The first sentence he comanded :" Siapa-siapa lelaki yang tak mahu masukkan baju akan saya halau keluar dari kelas ini."

Just like what you have in your mind now, I followed most of the guys went out to make us looked 'noober',cursing him silently in heart.

He continued his opening speech with "siapa tak beri perhatian akan di halau keluar" , "Saya nak ajar kamu konsep baru,bukan untuk lulus ujian sahaja" those own modified sentences to impress us.

He was so strict even on small tiny matters. People read from the text he critized, people read wrong lines he scolded.haiz~

Angie was so tired but we were forced to listen attentively. In between, Mr Ong the old folk inserted jokes and humour but I forced myself to restrain my smile. -_________-

Indeed some jokes really lame...but to tickles the senses of Angie, Khai Cheat and me it still far.muahahahaha.In fact I can guess what he was going to say next.XD

So it came to the final hour. Mr Ong went out and an old woman came in. She just threw her big ass on the small chair and opened her power point. This session was dead boring so we communicate via text msg at first. Later on we saw her just admiring her own slide and read for herself, we started to chat directly. Soon Angie was fell asleep and I continued to read my 《上课不要看小说》.

When Angie woke up, it was the time to go home.Good timing man. Perharps this is another so called human natural ability, like sleeping students will automatically wake up 1 minute before the recess.

The aunty still purposely reminded me to be really careful when I got out of the car.How lovely, how touching.XD


P.S. we will take the test on Chrismas eve, romantic hor.=)

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Gathering with Neri & Yen Ling

Yo! sorry for not updating for such a long time. you know my holidays schedule, pack pack pack! Despite it is now holidays, I still go to school every day, 8 to 5, not to take lessons, but like working without being paid.lol.

Most of the time I am acting and directing a movie for KRS training camp's Treasure Hunt. It's almost done. We all agree to post to facebook once the camp is over. The roll out time is around Christmas ba, so you can take it as Xmas special movie.hahaha~

Since this is our debut, we will allow the public to access our facebook profile and watch for free! We are still negotiating with big cinemas like GSC, TGV and so on to show it on the silver screen.XD

Well~the final exam's result was out mostly. I am not so satisfied with them, huh. Next year we will be sitting for SPM, I hope I can strive better in next year's examinations.

Alright, yesterday I went to Yen Ling's residence which located behind Ecotel. I met Neri there too.XD we chit-chat for about 3 hours ba?

Sui Jing said she would be the first to reach there but she turned out to be the last -___-"

After then, we went out to snap photos frantically,hoping that we can keep the memories forever.=)

I wonder why Sui Jing like to pose like a star...

ohya~it was my first time to hold a camera and 'Zi Pai'!!ARGH!!!Thanks to my 130++ height.

Sui Jing, Neri and Yen Ling went for dinner together after I went back.

In my opinion, gather together at one place chatting and playing can have more fun than outing.haha~cause we possibly can't shopping and chatting so warmly in the mall.

However, I still looking forward to go outing to watch NARNIA!

Now there is a place called StraightQuay?I hope we can go there.XD

Thanks for the photos!Neri , Sui Jing and Yen Ling! =)

P.S. : Sui Jing, next time change to a moon-pose ba.wakaka~

Monday, 6 December 2010

Christmas Season

Wow~once again I have to admit that time really flies. We are in amidst of December and we probably didn't realise it.

The decoration in the hall of shopping malls have changed into Christmas mode. A tall gigantic Christmas tree and a fat old man with long snowy beard a in bright red robes. Christmas is around the corner!In fact it is just another 19 days. Starting to feel and celebrate this warm and lovely day, singing and chanting Christmas songs.

I love Christmas.

Why? I just simply love the feeling and atmosphere of Christmas, it brings peace and joy to the soul. The harmony which Christmas brings. This type of feeling grows extremely strong particularly during Christmas eve. I will be literally become very silent and admire the city from the balcony. And when you are totally alone in such circumstances, you will be driven involuntary into nolstagia, into memoriam. What happened throughout the year and years before will appear like slideshow in your eyes. You probably will think of the Christmas before, and grumble why time pass so fast in a sigh. This is also the best time to quiet down and think of your future.XD Christmas also give me sort of emotion that I can't describe it here...You know the sound of the church bell, 'dong... ... dong ... ...dong... ...' ,deep yet loud, somehow the sound make an impact in my soul,in my innermost...

Christmas, anticipating so much, but when it's over, remained a little bit sorry.

Perharps this is the wonder and magical part of Christmas? Does it come from the yearn of Santa Claus during childhood?Or hope to receive a lot of presents and gifts?

This year Christmas seemed like doesn't have any Christmas movie. Past years we used to have Home Alone and the kind of it. However, I love 'The Polar Express' the most. =) The feels disperse from the movie is exactly the same as my emotion and feelings. :D

Merry Christmas!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Return to PJ

Yo~finally I reached One Utama at 1.30pm on Tuesday. Yan Yi sent Jeffrey the babysitter to fetch me to his home first. I hang around at Jeffrey's house and he taught me how to play DOTA.lol.I am not interested lah seriously.

At night, I was escoted to Yan Yi's big new house for reunion party. We cycled to One Utama to buy KFC. Yi Ting saw us on the sidewalk but she just roaming away with her new E-class I think.haha. Yan Yi ordered 8 pizzas, we used 3 days to finish it -_-

Yan Yi and I went cycling while Jeffrey chasing us behind.haha~At the park, we taught Jeffrey how to cycle again. Jeffrey is a good learner I must admit.haha~

I found that Yan Yi kept bullying Jeffrey. So I joined.HAHAHAHA.Don't cry Lee Wen Xian, I know you like Jeffrey Lee Wen Xiang very much. He is so interested in you cause both of your names are close to each other.How about your hearts? ( Luckily Jeffrey won't read this post) er~Long distance love does work actually~gambate!!Jeffrey is a very nice guy, and superb humourous as you've said. You will like chatting with him, the way he speaks, the way he winks,mesmerizing,charming.hahaha~

yay~photo at Yan Yi's big living room.
The next day we went outing to our usual place : One Utama.
We spent a lot of time on sitting round to chit chat yam cha. Long time never joke and talk with them for 2 years. They have grown up, as myself did. But the friendship bond is still there.
This time we played bowling again since we had 2 hours to the movie time. I lose again. haiz~
We snapped photos frantically at U-Bowl. People just can't help to notice our silly actions and pose. Don't care lah~

The 3musketeerz 2010.XD
Lame yah~
Its hard to imagine a virtual plane flying up there.
At U-Bowl One Utama
Nice pose weih.But Jeffrey spoiled it,that's why he got hit on the next photo.

Liyen kept finding a way to hide her shortness.

At Wong Kok.XD

I spent most of time with Yan Yi and Jeffrey this four days. Jeffrey accompanied me to Ikano Curve and Ikea on Thursday since Yan Yi and the rest had work. Wandering in the malls I once set foot frequently, memory flushed in but I shut them up.XD

This holiday trip, I watched 3 movies.

The next three days, Harry Potter 7 again and Rapunzel. :)

I love Rapunzel. This cartoon is damn nice and you'll laugh til stomach ache. Perharps next year we can watch it on Amigo.tv.com. =)

Here I take the opportunity to thank Yan Yi and family, for treating so well and comfortable during the days I were there. Thanks a lot for the dinner too.XD

Of cause I won't forget our little adorable Jeffrey ah boy~He is the one who babysitted me.From fetching me til say good bye. Continue to be bullied Yan Yi ba, one more year only.

Last but not least,my all friends in PJ. Thanks for willing to sacrifice your part time job to go out with me!XD I miss you all.