Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Traveller I Am

Took the quiz by BBC. I started to love travelling when I went to Europe last year. It is amazing how travelling helps to augment my knowledge and allow me to view things from different perspectives. The entire experience, from researching the destinations until I come back with an exhausted body, teaches me many things that really cannot be learnt through any books. You get to know how big is the world and how small you are. You have the chance to meet different people and know that not all welcome your presence just as you don't like certain people in your country. And there is no big place nor small place, civilized or not doesn't make any difference to you if you are a true traveller. You won't detest the third worlds, you won't adore the first worlds.

It is so true that the result says about me. I am a documentarian. I like to document everything I see and experience in the journey. So I have a 30 days journal for my last trip. The first thing I will rush to will be the museums and monuments in a new place. The history, art and people are what I really want to explore in the new city. No, being a documentarian does not mean I am the crazy photographer whose sole purpose is to capture as many photos as I can. I will do more than that definitely.

Humility is the key to a meaningful trip as well. You enter the city as a guest, not an intruder. There are certain ethics are to be followed to minimize the disturbance to the local life. Keeping the place clean and preserve the monuments are just some of them. Be humble to learn about the city. With a humble heart you will accept different people have different ways of practice. With a humble heart you will respect different beliefs and thoughts. 

When you return, you will be someone better, for sure.