Sunday, 26 June 2011

Welcome Back Neri!!


Neri, just imagine it is a giant size banner which is hung at the arrival gate.haha.

Ah,sorry for not countingdown for the last 2days,I didn't open facebook on Friday and Saturday.

I was at school from 7 to 6 and then straight away went to tuition until 9.30pm, a very tight and tiring schedule. KRS was holding Ujian Kenaikan Pangkat, we AJKs as stationers and examiners must stay under the scorching sun with the members. I as a discipline master of KRS, did a very lousy job yesterday. My body was there but my soul did not. First time in KRS activity I was not doing my best, I acted very irresponsibly and caused many problems. I neglected my role to supervise the members' discipline.

Why? Perharps I have heard seniors complaining that members are very undisciplined now, and they blamed me. As if I am the only one who is held accountable. Why they not blamed the school discipline teachers?It's a bare fact that the students of CLB are getting worse in all the aspects.

I assure you, CLB is deterioting, getting worse and worse. Teachers still keep saying what the best school of Butterworth, the school of elites, the brilliant students and all nonsense. They are just cheating themselves.

Feeling discouraged in this way, I indulged myself to be the same.hahahaha.Why should I care so much?Since no one cares? Halfway on my boring duty I ran away to chat wif Suat Boon, leaving a station with no one. As a result when I came back, scolded by Chen Xin, Zhen Jie, Jingxue and others. "YOU ARE SO IRRESPONSIBLE!WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!" "Oh yea, I went for a walk."I answered calmly with some apologies.

Soon after they wanted to start another programme, I grabbed chance to run again, saying I wanted to photosat some documents, I went out of the school with Suat Boon. We actually went to Econsave after getting our work done. When we were back to the dull field, its time for Suat Boon to go back home. So I alone wandering around with no duty since I was not there when they had a fall in.

I felt like I was an extra one, they didn't need me at all. From the way they looked at me I sensed despise. Oh dear Matthew what were you doing. You know that kind of feeling, I knew that I was wrong but my soul was so rebelious. Although you might thing I am playful, but I will never do anything which is not right, which is irresponsible. I considered myself as a very responsible person, at least in KRS, acting as the one who is in charge of KRS disciplinary, I should be the role model of all 500 members and AJKs.

However yesterday, I ignored and neglected ALL. I was bored.

During the time I thought, why I became like that and I tried to find myself back. Am I acting so to show that what they were doing on me in my GS activity? I often thought being as good friends I should support every stuff he organized. Seemingly he did not think so, he did not being so supportive towards my club's stuff. He even jeered and laughed, exposing his true personalities for us to see.

After some struggle, I joined the Bomba test, which was backwood. I joined others under the 2pm sun to examine their cooking skills with wood fire. I nearly fainted due to the killing hot weather. After the test ended at 3pm, my soul urged me to rebel again. If they could simply ran away to do what they liked, why not I?

I went to play Ping Pong and never went back until the day ended. Seok Hui phoned me to call me back, yet my heart unmoved - I succeeded. I wanted to forgive, but was I taking revenge.

Neri, got several times I wanted to bring out my phone to text you, thinking that you might be in Penang at the moment, but I was distracted away. Sorry for disappointing you.

And Ah Jing, I am really sorry for the NIE magazine stuff. You guys looked high upon me, hoping a good work from me. I let you all down. Sorry, really sorry. I was not me. I was irresponsible...

Once again, Neri Carpe Diem - Seize the day!

P.S. - this is not a emo post k, please do not misunderstand. You can label it as apology letters.XD

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Papa's Day!!

YO!Happy Father's Day to all fathers!!yeah.

This is the day for us his children to sit down to think, to appreciate what our fathers have done for us,from the moment we were borned.

Let's read the conversation between 2 brothers:

Jeff: Dear Dad, today is your day to sit back, relax and let mom and me do everything.

Achmed: Just like every other day of the year!


Anyway, we still can't take our fathers' work for granted, go hug him and say daddy :) I love you!XD

My dear dad, you are a tremendous figure in my life, the person I honour, although you will never know that, I appreciate you deeply in my heart. I learn a lot from you, and thanks for having you as my father =))

Happy Daddy's day papa!!!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Wake Me Up When Holidays End!

FUYOH~Wake me up when h0lidays end!!Hahahaha.

Well, this is probably the last post for me during holidays. I have suddenly been informed that KRS trip to old folk's home,Chi Ji and Youth Park will be held on tomorrow. Sunday I need to pack things and ready to school dy.=)

Later 10am Khai Cheat will come to my place to fetch me to Bola-bola to play football.

View back my holidays, since I have a lot of time now without activities ( which I have mentioned lots of times.haha), meaning I have a lot of time to waste too. I spent 4 days morning and night at church to join Bible Courses. I learned a lot from the courses, 'Sovereignty of God' give answers to many questions asked like Why there are so many disasters like tzunamis and earth quakes happening all around the world if God is sovereign?Why this world is so evil since God of Love and mercy created this world Himself?

After watching the latest Pirates film, I decided to watch the 3 previous Pirates again. I actually included them in my holidays plan although I have no plans for holidays.hahaha.Lame right?

I watched the first one on last Sunday night, it is really nice and funny. Last night I continued the second 'the dead man chest' , this one is more eerie and dark compared to the first one and the fourth one. You will start to hate Jack Sparrow for his wickedness and he is so irresponsible. Tell you, you wouldn't see him as a hero but a coward. I wondered, although he is good at fighting skill,but his leadership is damn poor, how can such person be the captain of the ship?In spite of his poor leadership, his crews are willing to submit to his authority and remain faithful. Are they bound by loyalty or they simply respect him from hearts? Perharps this is the amazing part of Jack Sparrow. That is the reason why he was mutinied and always appear in the screen as a captain who has no ship. Little does he know the safest ship in the world is leadership?

Ya, I am going to watch Pirates of Caribbean 3:at world's end by tonight.XD I think I like the first and the fouth because Jack Sparrow acts more like a good man and hero.

Here I wish Neri all the best in her exams. Since she will be back soon, I have to polish my cutting skills so I can perform the best in helping Ah Jing in cutting vegetables at her party.Hahaha. In fact, I don't know how to hold a knive properly -._____.-

This photo was taken in 2007 in Adventist hospital. That time my mother was admitted for a surgery. I wondered why my cousin posed like a deer ( or a buffalo?), maybe that time was near Christmas.haha.

That time there was no 'mountain' on my head yet haha, and my head is so round!

It is always nice when you look back into your past.=)

Ohya, please remember to wake me up when holidays end ya.XD

Thursday, 9 June 2011










看看Form1 的我。XD 太肥了··· ···



Wednesday, 8 June 2011




唉,继RouYi疯狂爱上洋人的红毛之后, 最近就连Ah Jing也想嫁给外国男人。原来,外国不只月亮比较圆。错错错,都是我们的错。应该多拍一些连续剧才行。要不然,风头都给韩剧抢光了,我们无颜见爹娘。浏览女生们的部落格(说到部落格,hey,Raja Uda 的 Blogger's cafe 关了hor?),十次九次讲韩剧,剩下的一次也留给好莱坞。就是没看过《初恋红豆冰》之类的。其实我国有三大种族,随便合力拍一部也能与韩剧对抗。收拾了韩剧,再攻陷好莱坞!yeah!

可是······ 等到有人开拍已太迟了。所以我决定为拯救国土马来西亚的影音业做出非凡的贡献。


军中无戏言,继上次长假我和KeithJie亲自操刀拍了《KRS 2011 Training Camp Treasure Hunt》之后,大获好评,获得各大奖项提名,荣获最佳场景布置,震惊电影界,威到不能再威,走路有龙卷风。虽然获得巨大的成功,但我们并不骄傲,希望能继续努力再创高峰,把最好的呈现给大家,为人类艺术文化尽一份绵力。



HEY HEY!THIS IS NOT A JOKE K!你们也许在笑得很开心,认为我在开玩笑。但我们原班人马是真的想拍一部的叻,Ah JIng 你支持我们吗,给你做女主角啦。Yuan Fen 好像很support。











Saturday, 4 June 2011

Agong's birthday!

Yeah!Happy Birthday Agong!!

Suddenly don't know why so high, perharps it is driven by Semangat Patriotik yah?

If no mistaken, there is a moral value in our Moral Education syllabus named Taat Setia towards Raja and Negara right?

Its definition is Kepatuhan and Kesetiaan yang berkekalan towards Raja and Negara.

Kita haruslah mengamalkan nilai taat setia towards Raja and Negara. Kita haruslah setia kepada Raja dengan berkekalan.Sebagai contoh, menyambut Hari Keputeraan Yang Di-pertuan Agong.

Wow, I think I can score in Moral subject this year in SPM!XD haha.

I don't know what celebration they have at the palace,but there must be a grand one.=) Since today is a public holiday, I asked Zhen Jie them to walk around Penang island by feet. Amazing right?? They started their journey from Jetty at 7.30am this morning, will go Penang hill first then travel to Georgetown to see the heritages.

Well well, you might think then what the hell am I doing here, am not I supposed to be with them now? My mum say today she wants to bring us out to Penang too. Although I know very well following my mum would be very dull, but I choose family over friends. *Clap*Clap*

Yeah, I am the one who calls for the trip, but I am not joinning, funny eh? She laughed at me and she would go if more girls are going.

Here I wish Jingxue them have a safe journey to and fro, have fun!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Driving to BM

This title may sound ordinary, but for me it is ground-breaking and exciting!!

This morning right after my dad sent my mum to her kindergarten, my super cool father (again, super cool) asked me whether I would like to hold the sterling. Of cause I say yess!haha. Hence, he parked at the roadside and I was on the driving seat seconds later. I will drive him to my BM church instead of him sending me there.

Okay, I did all the pre-drive routine like adjusting side mirrors and so on. And my father prayed!! Well, he was not a Christian until some years ago, and he seldom pray, or I should say I never hear him pray 'self-inducedly' without anyone asking.

I chuckled, this was what he prayed :" Our lovely Father in Heaven, we are now going to BM Grace Church, I pray for journey mercy along the way.In Jesus name I pray, Amen." Hahaha, I was really laughing that time, in my heart. It's not I did not need God's divine protection, it's because my father suddenly become so soft and tender, like a mother. Perharps he was scared? And I murmured in my heart :" Papa, don't worry, I will drive you safely."

Well, I signalled right and out on the road. Seconds later I realize I forgot to tighten my seatbelt -____- and forced to stop and tighten it.

The beginning of the journey was not bad, in fact its very smooth. When we were approaching BM, challenges started to emerge. As everytime we went to church on Sunday, I slept the whole journey. The consequence is I didn't know the way quite well. So everytime my dad gave the instructions I must take seconds to respond, and I just shift lane suddenly. This really scared him.

Got one time when I turned right, I stepped on the brake pedal too hard, and it became emergency brake. Imagine I just stopped the car in the middle of turning corner. My dad yelled!! Luckily no car was following us too near. Hahaha. So I learnt not to stepped the brake pedal so hard. The next turn I just stepped lightly, perharps it is a big car and the car just swifted in the lane. This time was too fast. My dear dad yelled again. =.=

By the way my driving skill was still above 90 as a beginner.XD So Wen Nee ah, I can drive safely k. Nevermind, I drive ah Jing enough. =P

The journey took 30 minutes, quite long for a beginner really. I enjoyed it very much and my dad say just need to practise more especially with such a big car.

Well, who want to sit my car??


Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Woo Hoo!

Remember last time I failed to apply for Adsense?Neri laughed and said she wondered why I was rejected. And the reason Google gave was what my blog template, designs, posts bla bla bla not qualified.

I put it away and this holidays, out of boredom I resubmit the application.1 day later I got it. =.=

SO, THAT'S IT!!nehhh, the right bar there, I sacrifice the strategic location, which I used to put the maximum size of my photo so everytime you step in here you can see my charming face that enlighten your day.XD hahaha.

You may ask why I join this programme, of cause is Wa Bo Lui, Ngor Mou Qin ah.No no no, more precisely, Qian Bu Gou Yong. However, the bigger objective is, to discover 'selok belok perniagaan' as in the guy in our Form4 novel Azfa Hanani. The difference is he sells burger and I chose the easier way. =) Anyway I think this can hardly earn since Ah Jing had told me before her brother refraining her from clicking.haha.XD

Okay, enough. Actually I am just having fun lah, seeing every blog I visit has this gadget, so I decided to try it. Lame reason right? I discover that it is a much more compliacted system than I thought. So many steps to manage it and I learn from zero, just like 3 years ago I learnt to start up blogger. The bright side is I can use my entire holidays to explore more about it instead of dying of boredom. YeAH!

Finally, since the gadget is already there, just click it larh, although you might hate it because my photo is being pushed down and you can't see it in the first place. HAhaHA. Thank You very much ya.

P.S. I notice that all the advertisements are either in Chinese or something about chidlish games. Does it because this blog is full of childish contents? -___-