Sunday, 26 January 2014


The last day of me being 19. I am turning 20. Abolideboh. Is this a sign of maturity or old age?

I cannot even utter a syllable for the moment. I think my throat is ruptured. This is the worst case scenario of shouting everyday for 2 weeks.

And I am not in a good mood, worse even. I hope this will not turn out to be my most miserable birthday of all. Didn't I just received my A-level results? Previously I thought if I have good results I would be very happy during my birthday. But it is not so apparently.

Perhaps I am absolutely a mute now, frustration comes when people ask me questions. I cannot speak. After explaining my condition to them via sign language, they finally understand but they will come back awhile later forgetting I cannot speak at all. I don't bother to entertain them. And the people surrounding me started to label me as "emo", I am not sure it is because of my lack-of-smile expression or the absence of my voice.

Yes, I have lost my speech. Maybe this is the reason why all the negative thoughts start to pile up in my heart. I have no way to pour out, no way to speak to anyone. Suddenly the poor me alone in my own dark world, while everyone seems to be celebrating. I cannot even cry out to God. Never have that voice.

I wonder why is this happening.

If there is an instrument to measure self-esteem, I think it will show negative on me. Pn Malathee was telling me that day, she missed the confident me. She noticed something wrong with me way before I did. You were to congratulate me for the results, but I ended up pouring out my struggles through texts. You said I have changed. You said what Pn Malathee said, the Matthew you knew was pretty confident. This time I was not ashamed to admit I have lost my confidence. I missed it too. I guess you didn't expect me to be so messed up at the moment. You tried to encourage me, but I doubted myself. Again you were amazed how shattered I am. Thank you for your comfort, thank you that you still believe the ever confident Matt will be back once he braves through this difficult time. Congratulate upon your first semester results too.

I know I can climb out of this pit. I know I must. Nobody will know your sorrows and no stranger will share your joy. I must do this on my own. I need hope, I need God.