Wednesday, 9 September 2009

METER by Benji & Bahir

This is the 11th of the 15.It talks abt national football, the importance of English and others.

The controversial head of UMNO Youth plays a taxi driver who is asked his views on some current Malaysian talking points. He ends up offering a keris to a Chinese boy as a gift.

Lessons I have learnt:
1)Never tell which foreign football team u support,especially to a taxi driver.XD

2)Although English is very important, do not use it to communicate with taxi driver. =]

3)Always share a gift with somebody. =)

The Keris given by the taxi driver symbolize the good relationship between races.

The Day After Trial Exam

Yesterday I had the last paper of my trial.It was Math.I think I did it quite well, besides a tiny careless mistake.

Naturally today,like all the days after exams,we can noe our results,officially or not,we still can noe how we did it.

So today,my teachers gave us Bahasa n Mandarin paper 1 answers.I got 32 correct for my BM.XD The highest of my class.Others got below 30.For mandarin,I got 7 wrongs, the lowest record of mine T.T I got 90% for Geo.Math Paper 1 all correct.

The worst of all is my KH.15 wrong answers man!!ABOLIDEBOH!!!Should be one of the lowest.

Btw today is the day 090909.Triple 9.XD what a romantic day.DUnno Jeffrey had successfully kao how many girls.I hope there are no victims.XD hahaha~