Thursday, 8 September 2011


This is the quote I heard it from Steve Jobs, the creator of what you are holding in hand, or perharps you are using one of his products to view this post. He is not the one who created this quote, I forgot where is it origin.

And I have decided to take it as one of my mottos.XD


Hungry for knowledge, hungry for all the things happening. Find a job or something where your passion lies. If you haven't found it yet, keep on searching until you found it. Press on and don't give it up. DIVE into the job which you are very interested for long.

Of cause, this phrase suits me so well that I always can't feel the satisfying growl in my stomach after every meal. In fact, my stomach has stayed hungry all the while.=)


Foolish??Mind you, I always think that I am considered an interlligent one. I have a funny and deep feeling that I am better and clever than others, which sometimes turn into pride. However now,  I have decided to stay foolish. And yes, it's STAY foolish, not ACT foolish.The good feeling about myself I said earlier has not faded however,turns into strong confidence.haha~

This phrase struck me on many aspects. The first is I shall always be humble to listen to others, to learn from others. Secondly, it teaches me not to show off my tip-of-the-iceberg wit. I must learn to hold my toungue in whatever situation, this can't prevent me from any form of criticism or any unpleasant listeners. Besides, I have a chance to listen what people might say. Thirdly, I think I am already on the way doing it, we should not accounted everything seriously. I don't mind people take advantage on me, I choose to be silent when people accuse me, I tend to do good to others and make myself a blessing to all around me.You might think I am bullied. You might think I am foolish to do the extras, but let it be how foolish I am. And I am really not hoping for any reward or return. 

Stay foolish as I am!
 Let me ask a question which I can't find the answer
A fly drops into a Holy Cup. Will the fly becomes holy, or the Holy Cup is contaminated?=) HAHAHAHA!

I can't finish sejarah, I can't finish Biology,Chemistry and Physics. I can't finish all the syllabus. But I can still S-M-I-L-E !!

Since we are busying preparing for exams, let those who read this post wear a smile while leaving this site.XD


Thanks for everything,girl ,as if you will ever visit this blog...Live life to the fullest.