Saturday, 14 November 2009


Yo!just watched 2012 with my friends yesterday. We went to Queensbay Mall by ferry and Rapid Penang. yea~we were absent from school although yesterday was the last day for form3s. We were enjoying ourselves when 4 of our school prefects were whacked by outsiders. You must know not every prefect is like Jeffrey or Nigel who know shinobi, so they got full face of blue-black I think, not sure cause I was not reported live there. title is 2012, not prefect-bullied.Sorry...sorry.

2012...really cool...I find it very interesting.The scences are so real, just I dunno why every time they can merely escape.When the buildings on the left and right falling down one by one, the plane they ride can avoid with no mistake.Somemore, the one who drive the plane is not a qualified pilot. =.=

Actually the wicked Russian is very funny.His big size and speaking tone. However he didn't survive at last.Do remember, bad guys must all die at the end in Hollywood and Fairy tales.

2012,three years to go. In the movie, the government did not tell the people that the world is going to end. The biggest solar explosion ever recorded in human history cause the particles of the earth crust to change. This made the earth crust to move and caused earth quake. The disaster happened earlier than they estimate, not all of the ark ready and just some of them are able to aboard the ark.

When we were about to go home around 7, the rain started. It seemed like all bus shifts to Jetty are closed.When we spotted a bus, we rushed to it under rain and the driver told us they would not be going to jetty. When we were about to aboard and asked the driver, I spotted a hand trying to pick my wallet, I thought it was my friend trying to play with me. But when I turned back, it was an Indian. -________________- He was not giving up that fast, trying a few times but I just put my hands inside my pocket. He was so thicked face, beh pai seh. Having so lousy skill also dare to rob ppl. haiz.

Just to remind you guys, especially Jeffrey and Yan Yi those rich guys, take care of your wallets and belongings. I regret I didn't blow the Indian up.Huh~I missed the chance to show off shinobi skills.XD

One more thing to mention. My friends went back earlier at 5.00pm. When they wanted to aboard a rapid bus, the driver say that was a 'Rapid Melayu' and did not let them in. I personally do not know whether such things exist anot. =(

At last, we took a taxi to jetty.I reached home about 10.00pm with my body all wet.