Sunday, 29 January 2012

18 PL

Thud thud.Finally I am 18! I need not to worry about being caught by those officers in GSC when we watch above 18 movies again! Yeah! I am considered an adult! Facebook introduced me some new privacy settings for adults. This means I have to bear responsibilities, I am not a child anymore. I know it is very hard for me, but this is the rite of passage which I have to go through, I will not fear, I will not be afraid.

27th of January 2012!! A wonderful day. I shall not forget the 24 hours of the day.

Last year we did crazy things, we KRS group celebrated in the school compound. We built up fire and had a BBQ illegally. Haha.

This year! Something even crazier, I called it insanely great!

I don't know where to begin the story. I am afraid my english will ruin the grand surprise they intended to give. From the photos on Facebook you can see.

It was really a surprise for me. Haha. I heard that you all wanted to disappoint me by having a small celebration only. Perharps you all always hear that I keep on stressing on my birthday. In fact I am only joking all the time. I really don't expect such big celebration. But without you all taking it seriously I would not have such amazing birthday!haha.

I only expect to have a meal with you all and that's all. So the watermelon with candle and lunch at Kun Thai had done the job. I was not disappointed lah. You all didn't forget my birthday and willing to spend time with me, I really appreciate that. You see, not everyone is willing to show up or perharps they have their own events.

Fish said I am too hard to be fooled. Well, indeed yes. hahaha. I am too sensitive to the changes of surroundings, just like Rou Yi said I am very sensitive to the camera shots. It is just a matter to continue to find out what's wrong or let the plans go on. XP However, even though I sensed something wrong, but you all made an effort to distract me from it.

I was wondering why suddenly Neri asked Rou Yi to go to the kitchen.

I was wondering why you all shouted when Jing entered the kitchen.

I decided to take a look but Rou Yi and Wen Nee kept on talking to me.

I was wondering why Neri, Jing and Fish just disappeared from Teacher's car during the second round. Yan Fen said that's something wrong in Jing's house, so teacher dropped her off. But why Neri and Fish jumped off the car too? Yan Fen stopped me from asking more questions by saying I can't accept they didn't say goodbye. Ya, why they didn't call up and say something? I wanted to give one of them a call to show some concern, but I was afraid they would shoot me again.

So I shifted the attack to teacher. I asked her why they were. She answered they had some stuff to do. I continued to ask where she dropped them. And guess what, teacher answered : " I DON'T KNOW!"

You don't know where you drop them? Wow. Haha. I knew that was something else happening. However, I laughed it off, lazy to care about it.

You all were preparing the watermelon in the kitchen. You all were doing cards in J's house.

Ohya, thank you very much for your underwear too!!I will wear it everyday without washing it until next year!yeah!!

You all really planned hard for this, especially Neri, stealing my dad's number from the beginning. And you all were willing to take the risk too!!That I will by personality try hard to find out what's going on and you know I am ego enough to not to be fooled. Haha.I guess its because of that small celebration, it camouflaged your big surprise.As I said I thought we would have a meal and just like that.

And the last event of the day was Karaoke at Rou Yi's house. Fish ah, those amazing videos just upload to your blog enough la. Actually Facebook also can lah. I don't mind.=)