Sunday, 5 April 2009

Lame JOke 14

Once upon a time there was this guy who bought a hang glider and took it
out to the mountains to fly it. He was cruising along a few hundred feet
above the treetops when he spots these two hunters down below.
He hollers and waves at them, trying to be sociable. Suddenly the hunters
look up and they both fire their double barrel shotguns at him.
When the hang glider was out of sight one of the hunters turns to the
other and says "What kinda bird you reckon that was?"
The other hunter replies "I don't rightly know, but I think we hit it.
"How's that?"
"You saw how fast he dropped that man he was caring, didn't ya?



Aprilfool Day

1st of April,the day I waited everyday,already passedT.T well,I think this day is a very important day for 3musketeerz,particular YanYi and me(Jeffrey is tied tight by his red tie XD) news from Yanyi how he trick ppl on that day...sad...laz year Aprilfool,musketeerz haven formed yet, so Mataharians survived from Aprilfool nightmare from us.this year,musketeerz is well-formed but separated,Mataharians survie again T.T

On that day,duno why I emo during the morning.Perharps the lessons are too bored,oso maybe becoz my dreadful results.damn it!!My Chinese juz got 77(same as yanyi),the lowest in my entire life!!!Now,dun tell others that i m from ICSS.I miss Cik Chong B.C so much,actually is miss her marks.The marking teacher is too strict,yet the highest is 88 in my claz(second claz).Section A got 2,B got 6,C got 9,D got 23 ONLY.I wana cry d man.BM,English all below 85.Pull down my purata,got 86.34 onliT.T

After recess,my feelings come bk.I start to plan to prank ppl.First I tell:"eh,tied up your shoe laces laa!" "Be a good student,tuck in your clothes." wahahahaha~so many ppl kena~I feeeeeeeeeeel Goooooooooood.then,i come up with an idea,when the bell rang,i go see my monitor n tell her form teacher is looking for her.At first the clever girl dun believe,she say is an aprilfool prank.Den I say is real,teacher told me when I walk by the staff rooms.then the garang girl warned me,if it is a joke she will kill me.den she left for staffroom.Ooooppsss,why din she say earlier?i straight away to find a place to hide.After 15 minutes she was bk,i hide under a desk.she shout to the claz to find me.tell u,she nearly tear all my books.

Then it was time for sejarah.My teacher is a Malay,and dead funny wan.If he were younger,he can join us musketeerz.another copy of me.Then,I decided to trick him,the risk is zero percent to prank a teacher like him.When he came in,i show my confused face to him,holding a time table and say:"cikgu Halim!sekarang bukan sejarah,sekarang BM,tengok sini!"Halim get confused d,i keep repeat the same phrase,den the teacher took the timetable and see.After 5 seconds he looked up at me,with the -.-'' sign on his face.hahahahahahaha~I feeeeeeel Goooooooood again.but...Halim react so fast,faster than police to arrest u.he say to the claz:"sekarang keluarkan buku,kita buat ujian untuk bab dua."everyone shock and hhhaaaaaaaaaa~~~~but i noe is a prank,i told my frens,but the girls very honest wan n dun choi me.Halim make sure we all take out the book and written title and date,included me.after that,he take out his notes and say:"sekarang mari kita tengok bab 4,blablablablablabla."everyone confused,but then realize it jyz a joke.then Halim bowed three times to the claz. den my jokes paused there.XD and to be continued.....

Actually for me,for musketeerz,every day is Aprilfool,hahahahahahaha~we never forget to trick ppl every second time.Maybe yanyi do it everyday so he thinks no nit to particular prank on aprilfool.wahahahahah~
tell me how was your Aprilfool,Yanyi.XD

Matthew Unlimited~Chee Wai,I update jor k?