Tuesday, 6 March 2012

International Year of Chemistry Essay Writing Competition 2011

I received a card to collect my document at City-Link Express Company yesterday. Frankly, I never heard of a courier company named City-Link. I was really curious what is the document and who sent it to me. In my living memory (ya,I am still alive.) I didn't apply any other scholarships apart of Nanyang Polytechnic. And I don't reckon any colleges will send me their brochures by courier service.

Perharps it is a love letter from far away. Haha.

I collected the document today. Opened it up. Do you remember the chemistry essay competition last year? I wrote an essay entitled "Chemistry - Our Life, Our Future" to participate the competition to earn some co-curriculum marks. I did hope to win, I always do if I decide to take part in something. I will do the best and take a leap of faith upon submitting my entries. XD

Yeah, you guess it right. I won a consolation prize in this national level competition! Praise the Lord!Well, it was not the best, but it came as a surprise. I was puzzled when I saw the envelope sender's address. I totally forgot I ever took part in it. Attached to the letter weres the certificate and a RM100 cheque.

That cheque made me even more excited. Haha. It was really like money falling from heaven. I didn't expect that, I did not even know what were the prizes given.

However, my name was written wrongly. I don't mind at all because I don't think there is a problem with it. I won the competition and the certificate is mine.


Along the long journey back from Perai I talked over it with my brother. AUN? It was a typo. But not likely. I wrote it wrong? 101% absolutely no, although I am a careless person, I have been writing it for 14 years! 

But, it's okay, nevermind, I won the competition, the certificate is mine, the money is mine.

Ohya, money, I was pondering should I bank in the cheque right away or go back home for lunch first. Hmmm.

Wait a moment.


ARGH!!I pictured the cheque flying back to heaven, sticked on the wings of a plane for a second, then continue soaring upward.

I called the office and they confirmed my registration name is Matthew Lim Yu Aun. I need to type a letter and send back all the stuff with my copy of I/C. The person who sign the cheque and certificate is in India. Not so fast for me to receive all the things back.

Okay, I didn't submit my essay myself. I sent a soft copy to our dear Chemistry teacher Miss Chan Hoi Fong. I suggest, no, it must be she who translated my name from my Chinese name. That's why it was spelt AUN!


Don't know why the pictures are upside down.

Ohya, I tried to capture some lightning shots last Thursday night. Too much lightning occured with time interval of 5 seconds. So I grabbed my camera and stood at my balcony for at least 30 minutes. Haha. Here are some of the best, although they are not that good.

It is hard to capture lightning in the night sky. You need a lot of patience and a good camera. I was using Canon semi-pro only, the images are not nice enough.

Don't you think lightnings are beautiful and amazing?