Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Today Is August Thirteen.

This blog need to be update more often. Ask Jeffrey update sure hopeless wan although he

online almost everyday. Dont talk bout him liao, sometimes me and matthew feel that he is

shipping with himself onli. I can say that malaysia drama got future edi. Our school got lots of

actor and actress. Hahaha. Some is damn good in acting. But keep on acting the same thing will

not make ppl trust u. Congratz to Mediacorp, when ever u nid a new actor/ actress, do come to

our school and search, many talented ppl here. Haha. After school, i went to comunity hall and

find JJ, Kadri and Hui Li. They are Playing basketball there. Guess what? I saw both cik

chong, Cik Ina and Puan Lee..........Siok Kim. Hui Li was like: Omg, 4 chinese teacher there eating

la. Skip this thing. JJ told me that his mother said that i am tall and big, but my face look like a

kid. I was like wtf when i heard it. Haha. Dunno whether i should feel happy or not? But i admit i

act very childish with Matthew sometimes.