Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hasta La Vista Neri

Ah, still remember when Neri reached Malaysia this time I was in Youth Camp, her sister asked us out for dinner with her but none of us could. Haha, too bad. I was thinking that she would stay here for quite a long time. Yea, it was indeed a long time, but time flies, remember? And she is now flying too! Flying back to Austrialia.

No, I am not going to fall into nostalgia again. No more reviewing back what she had done with us. I used to know I am too emotional, too sentimental, at least as a guy I am. I can't bear the feeling of losting something, friends, time etc. Last time when I came back to Penang during holidays and went back to KL again, I would feel like crying. The first time I experienced such heart-breaking feeling was in 2001, when I was taken back to my own home, separated from my grandma after living with her for 6 years. Even though we were not far at all, and we still see each other everyday, but I just couldn't bear that. Later on in my life I experienced much more of this.

However this time, I don't feel like emo. Haha. I can imagine Neri's expression when she reads this and she will probably be thinking " What the!? You don't miss me at all?" haha. I do miss you a lot kay, but I am not really going to sit in front of my desk and think it over and over again, picturing your plane flies over my condominium, listening close to any noise from the sky, then only I realize, your plane is supposed to fly towards another direction.XD I can't pretend the airplanes in the night skies are like shooting stars too.Of course we hope you can stay with us for a longer time, but you gotta go.


I start to learn that you know reaching-leaving, come in and out, is part of parcel of life. We had a very nice time when you were here, we didn't have war and we were perfectly in peace. So, that is not much for me to regret of. You are going to come back, don't you?

I anticipate you arrival, I accept your departure.

I took 17 years to learn about this. We are the sole soujourners on this earth. We came to this world alone ( except the twins in America, whatever they do wherever they go they're together, but perharps not for toilet's time.) Similarly we are going to die alone too. Is there a kingsize coffin? Since we can reach this earth alone, why must we have company every minute? I am not saying we don't need friends, but we must be clear that friends won't forever by your side, even though they are forever alone. Ha.

A few days before you left, you helped to make my 18th birthday celebration a success. It was a great one, I don't know why I keep repeating, haha. The noon time lunch was really a nice plot. XD You all were too clever. I surrender. But I need to clarify here, I was not disappointed for the watermelon cake and lunch k. If you all didn't offer me that in the afternoon I would probably sit at home and wait for the night surprise. Haha.

Now, Neri's not here anymore, QQ and Pokok are in jail, J ,Wee Rock and Mingboy are locked up in the classroom, Yan Fen starts to work, Fish is in the aquarium, the original Citra Team just left Rou Yi and me who are 'free mobile'. I am working too but I am totally free in the afternoon. Haih, how ah Rou Yi? Your mum says she doesn't want to see you at home right, we find something to do ba.