Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Vow

This year I have watched many movies, too many of them. Almost every week I will show up at the cinema. I watch movies to the extent that I start to hate them. Haha.

If it's not been the girls, I won't step in the cinema to watch love story movie. I love action and fantasy movies.

I never regret to watch "The Vow". It is like many other love stories, the woman had a car crash, lost her memory about her husband and they start all over again.

I think what made me feel it is a nice movie and worth to watch is the film is based on true story. Ya, true stories are real right, meaning they are not created or imagined from the producer's mind, it happened.

Thinking back, if this film is not based on true story, I will get bored of the story line, referring it as the usual love story film which tries hard to earn tears. Haha.

Yea, I am touched by the film. It is really hard for a guy to accept his beloved wife has not only forgotten all about him but also rejecting him. My tears almost fell down when she shouts at him as she never do that to him before. I didn't let tears stream down, I suppressed my tears back to my glands just because I think I should not cry. Haha. Image is very important.XD

What will you do if you are in their shoes? I will probably let go. To show that my love is true love, I will let her to start over a new life, even it is a life without me. Try to imagine, if you have lost a piece of memory and you are making every effort to recover it, this can be very suffering. Hence, it is better to continue to live without that piece.

At last, the guy makes it, he has found the way to go back to his wife just like what he promised in his vow.