Sunday, 19 September 2010

Moon Cake Festival School Celebration.

Yesterday was the moon cake festival school celebration, although it was not the exact day of Moon Cake Festival.=)

This time the celebration was organised by Form6 PRS. Mr, Su, the caunselor of the school requested all PRS members to support that event. As a member of PRS, I was forced to attend.
Right until friday,the respond from the students were not good as the previous year. They say it's nothing good but just holding a lantern and stroll around the school compound. My school's students rather stay at home nerding than wasting time attending such romantic event.haha.

I worn a black shirt and black trousers but white shoes -_____- Thinking that this attire might made me looked scary when sneaking around in the school.XD

When I walked in the school at about 7.30pm, there was not many students yet, or perharps it would be just the number as I saw.

There was about 80 people there. The event started off with having a buffet dinner.ohya~I forgot to mention, the whole event was free of charge, all sponsored by the school.Yet still can't attract more people, the organizer expected 120.

After dinner, we were directed to small field of the school, which is located between block A & B. The spot was decorated with lanterns and spot lights. The station games started. There were 10 station games, whoever pass through all stations in the shortest time would be the winner.

Too bad~ I just managed to went through 4 stations.The easiest one was to play bowling using lantern and bottles. Another one was put a hand into a sealed container and guess what is hidden inside. I guessed all correctly. But mama mia! you know what were inside??Although they didn't put anything alive inside like fearfactor but they put bread with all sorts of jam. I still squeezed it happily as it was so soft -_______________-

okay~why I just went through 4 stations??It was because Kai Cheat and I wanted to solve all the Deng Mi (riddles). Actually all we need to solve were 5 riddles. So we stopped at there until times up and we solved 12 successfully.XD *clap* *clap* We both won a prize for this.

Here are some of the riddles : 1)家中有一口。(打一字)2)夫人走到哪里?(打一字) 3)脱裤子放屁。(猜一歇后语) 4)一二三五。(猜一歇后语) 5)玄德请二人上庄。(猜古代礼仪,二字) 6)靠近黄昏的地方。(猜一中国地名)

The last part of the event was holding lantern and had a stroll around the school compound. Walking with lantern in the darkness was really a good experience. Although we walked in a group, I still open my eyes widely to observe 'anything' when we passed Block E, one of the hot spots.XD

When we were at the corridor outside the school hall...I lifted up my head to gaze at the classroom opposite the second floor...I saw a massive dark figure was like yearning to look down what's making such loud noise.I thought was optical illusion,I closed my eyes for awhile and looked again,it was the same motion as I saw. I quickly turned my head to front and walked away like nothing happened...

This year end we were having an overnight camp in school~we will need to stay up late to prepare or to stand guard for the juniors. Every year our seniors will sure encounter some sort of stuff. I think this year won't be left out... ...

Oppsss~how come it become halloween at the end.XD wakaka~

Happy moon cake festival!