Monday, 29 November 2010


yeah~finally I am going to visit Yan Yi by tomorrow!!Fufilling the promise last year I gave him.hahax.

I am so excited now.Don't know why having such overwhelming feelings,like last time I had when I was returining to Penang during holidays. Or I have now see Petaling Jaya as my hometown?erm,perharps not.I think the sole reason is I have so many best friends there and I left many memorable memories there.haha~

Although I will be staying there for 4 days, I will try my best to live fullest in the 4 days. No more nolstagia. It's time to renew my memory and instil stronger friendship.XD

Just like the top selling book I have read FISH!For Life, the 4 ingredients of FISH!Philosophy are Play, Make Their Day, Be There, Choose Your Attitude, I must truly apply in my life. =)

Play- I certainly not lacking this.haha~I am always having fun and playful.

Make Their Day - I think I pass this too.yeah.I just have the natural desire to make one laugh and enlighten their day. Sometimes offended them accidentally too =(.

Be there- er, yea, it's time for me to get out of memoriam and living in the present. I go back not to remind myself how I once lived there,but to have great fellowship with my dear dear friends. Jeffrey said to me when I left 2 years ago : Life goes on. yeah~never look back. Over means over, save the energy of looking back and live in the present time. You can't walk on when your head is turning back right?Forget and let go. Erm, not to offend, but I dedicate this to Sui Jing. =) Come on girl, don't live in the past. I know it maybe hard for you, but believe it, I can do it, why not you?Someone just don't deserve your daily dreams and thoughts. I hope I am not too harsh. S-M-I-L-E XD

Choose my attitude - this level I am still work hard on it. Sometimes I don't have the right attitude to carry out my daily lives. Maybe you may not even think about this. Believe me, if you literally tell yourself to maintain a good mood & be positive once you open your eyes in the morning, you will know the difference. There will no boring moments anymore. hahax.

(Joshua, told you I could be a great philosopher if I were borned some 3000 years ago.)


yeah~Bandar Utama,rich Yan Yi new residence, I AM COMING to shake it down into debris.