Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Nothing to tell

Hihi!sorry so long no update d.coz exam mah,den get scolded by Soo Yeng,the most loyal supporter of our blog.Her job is to confirm we update regularly ,haha,I think dis is the second time she urge us to update blog d.Haha,Thanks ya Soo Yeng, next time belanja u again.By the way very sorry to Hannah,the 1000th visitor of our blog,I dunno hu r u.Anyway, I think Jeffrey noe u rite? So u can claim the meal from Jeffrey.

Juz to inform dat I will be absent from school on Monday n Tuesday. Coz I m goin back to Penang dis Friday, come back here on nex Wednesday,will return to skul on Thursday. So ponteng 2 days. Haha.I back to farewell my brother,he is goin to UK on next tuesday,16 of september.

I will miss u all my frens.haha.Especially Yan Yi n Jeff.So wish all gud luck in exam,particularly dis friday's.Haha.N Jeff n Yi,u Noe wat u should do n practise ya,anyway I will responsible if u all plus her fail to do dat.Haha!