Saturday, 9 May 2009

Joker's Joke

sorry for those who dunno mandarin.It is a mandarin joke.Can ask Jeff n Yanyi to translate.haha~

Matthew~I get my nudge tools scripts back...NSFP#1 A(H1N1) beware!

Hey hey hey. -.-

So freaking long didnt update edi ( as usual). Today is Wesak Day. So yeah, Happy

Wesak everyone.Today is kinda fun day. Soo yin was crazy about taylor swift's song and

MV. Non-stop playing the song and the MV. But true la. Taylor Swift so hot ! Right,

soo yin ? xD Matthew is coming back on holiday. Woohoo. Who want to go out that time ?

It's holiday and after exam edi. Dont give me stupid reasons saying you cant come. xD

Oh ya, yesterday the whole 3 Matahari was standing on the stage of tapak

perhimpunan for 1 period , except the prefects. Thanks to who ? Pn Lee Tsock Wah lo.

The reason she gave is that our class is dirty, bla bla. Its not fully our fault

also. Some sohais and bitches come in and simply throw rubbish around. Giving us

problems. But nevermind la, this helps me become more famous. Even the new form 3

student that just transfered to our school also know me after talking to him in a

buddhist centre today. Cool neh ? Oh ya, and a teacher that looks like Mojo-jojo

went into our class ytd. Pn Nora, our super funny bm teacher didnt come. So sad. The

mojo-jojo ah, seriously look damn funny somemore his actions like very lembut(aka

gay). xD me and wei yang keep on talk about him and i think he knows we are talking

bout him. End of post.