Saturday, 16 August 2014


I sort of starting to return to my previous routine, which is paying a visit to the cinema on every Friday. By previous I mean 2 years ago. Since I started A levels I developed the habit of watching a movie on every Friday, whether it is in the cinema or on my Vaio, cuddling someone. However, months later the routine was stopped, perhaps due to the stress of perceived tough examinations and lack of appealing films.

This time, I come to a point which I must squeeze the movie slot in even though I have a very tight schedule. You can say the condition is desperate, or in a more negative sense, chronic. Why. Is it to release stress? I would feel even more stressful after watching one. I don't know what am I searching for. Again, I am lost. I hate to have such Friday routine again, I just don't want to do stuff the way I did last time. I do laundry on a different day, I avoid taking public bus, I cut my nails on weekdays. I even try to phase out the clothes I used to wear. Psychologically, I am hoping that with a different routine I could block out some memories.

Maybe subconsciously I am searching for meaning. My mind and body wander aimless following the crowd. To the lecture theater, to the cafeteria. 

Movies provide an escape from the real life. So often I want to let go and run away. But the problem is, where can I run to. When each movie is coming to the end, my heart is filled with emptiness again.

I came to a conclusion that some wounds can never be healed, move on and live with it is the only way. However, I am not acclimatized to carry it with me yet. Anyway, I am preparing for the day to come, it could be my worst day ever in this year, maybe slightly better than the day I had earlier this year. Garnering all the courage and be there for you on that day. Sometimes you just couldn't let someone down, even if it means you might not have any pieces of you left. Just buck it up.