Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Chinese New Year is coming

This CNY is considered a special one. It is because the first day of CNY ( Chu Yi ) falls on 14 of February.

Couples can give mandarin oranges instead of chocolates, this can save a lot of money.XD

Well, how would I celebrate this Chinese New Year? The only thing I am looking forward to is the fifth day. That day our KRS gang will spend whole day at shopping mall, then come to my house for BBQ and some of them will stay overnight. We have planned this since school reopen. We really hope that this plan can carry out without mistake. Last holidays, we planned to count down at Pantai Kerachut, a remote beach at Balik Pulau there. We planned it well but were forced to call off due to some reasons. I think we will never any chance to get near to beach since the dragon boat capsized incident.

Next thing emerge in my mind is : STUDY
First term exam will be held after a week of CNY holidays. The thing is, all subjects are new to me and I realised that I learnt nothing after a month. All are much in a blur. 10 subjects, I need to cover in 10 days, minus four days new year visitation, left 6 days. I don't think is ample.

Before CNY holidays start, I plan to clean all my homework debt first. The level of homework has reached an alarming rate and is getting out of my control.XP

Here I wish all of you happy Chinese New Year, don't forget to belanja me with your Ang Pau Jeffrey and Yan Yi.

off to nerd now...