Saturday, 21 March 2009

Basketball Match

Damn bored. -.- Nothing to post somemore, so i just post something about basketball. xD

Last thursday, there is a friendly match in bu4. Smk Dj vs Smk Bud(4). cool neh ? It

is quite fun. Actually we almost lose the match. Seriously. That time we was abt 3

points behind them. And the time is finishing in few minutes time. Luckily Hao Yii

scored the 3 point ball. If not we will be going home crying. Ah skip this. Before

this match ended, our dai lou - mun choong, make someone fall down. And the guy

sprained his leg. After the match, something bad happen. And 2 gangsters ( i think)

come to our school to settle the leg injured case. -.- Mun choong and both of them

talk alot actually. Lol. They almost call their gang to come. Luckily Vincent stop

them by saying if they call gang, Vincent call police. xD Spoil my show la. I wanted

to see the gangs fight up and the policeman come and ask what happen. Wondering

whether they will say, the guy (mun choong) injured my frens leg. XD damn funny la.

Yanyi. xP