Monday, 7 September 2009

GERHANA by James Lee

So this is the 10th of the 15Malaysia. See the director's name, I don't know that Sensei James Lee noes how to make a film. Jeffrey ar, help me to ask him, why doesn't he make a film entitled "Shinobi in BU4:Action"? Then u will be famous too.But sensei will be sued by Hollywood, because they will think he copies "Kungfu Panda".XD Why?oh,it is because they will mistakenly see Jeffrey as a panda. haha~


Two secret lovers rendezvous in a plush hotel room while TV news is read in the background. A dark take on apathy in Malaysia.

Lame Joke 23

Just heard of this joke recently...

One day, an archeologist of New York found a copper wire after he dug 10 feet below the ground. He concludes that New York already had telephone line 100 years ago.

Another archeologist of California heard the news. He started to dig 10 feet below the ground, but found nothing. He then continued to dig for another 10 feet, he found a copper wire too. So he concludes that California already had telephone line 200 years ago, a century earlier than New York.

Again, an archeologist of Alabama got the news and started to dig the ground.10 feet...20 feet...still nothing.He decided to dig another 10 feet. At last,he found nothing below 30 feet from the ground.Without any dissapointment, he concludes that, Alabama already had wireless service 300 years ago!!