Friday, 15 January 2010


First of all,congrates to all who got full As in PMR,Happy New Year,Happy school reopen!!!!-________-

I am totally disconnected from the web for about a month. For the days before 2010, I was busy to build up something for orientation 2010. That was a big job, as you must really build something up at the field so that those new students would decided to join your KRS. I was at school everyday from 8 to 5pm, not included O.T. some of the days we even overnight in the school. SHHHH don't say out, we were not supposed to do so because the school did not allowed us. Everything in the school become creepy when dark falls, and during the time many things happened. Got one night when we were hanging around the school compound, we were spotted by a ronda guard who thought we were thieves ( but I think he thought we were ghost, because after that he ran off and called all his fellows come.)

Well, last holiday was indeed a memorable and interesting holiday. Although we got not enough sleep everyday, we tried to make fun from it. Sleep on the canteen table during night, building gadgets at midnight, laying on the ground, feeling the chilling wind and gazing at stars... ...

When the school reopen, I have moved into my almost-finished new condominium. We moved in just because it was first of Jan. A lot of stuffs didn't okay yet. New house, no streamyx, even no LCD tv yet. However, my school activities didn't stop and still carry on. Home becomes a place to overnight for me.

Form4 is totally different from form3. I don't think it should be called honeymoon year.=.= The gap is just too big from form3 to 4. Everything is brand new and not so easy to study.I hope Jeffrey and Yan Yi are doing well and see you all soon.

P.S.:I am so dark now, you can't see me during night time. No need costume, I could be the dark knight. Don't believe? you can ask Wen Qi, she is the only one from BU4 who met me during Christmas.XD