Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I Am Back

yo~this holidays had been the worst so far,so I hope tomorrow having fun in Yanyi House will make me feel better,sure it will.XD

Finally,after so many times Yan Yi urging me to visit him and Jeffrey,my mum agreed to bring me there.

Same as Yan Yi and Jeffrey,I had two days camp at school too.Juz mine is not as fun as theirs.It was a KRS kursus,8.30 to 5.00 each day. Feel so tired and exhausted after that,I am so glad it was over. The first day first section,run the school field twice.Then the Ketua Operasi said, he will blow his whistle every hour,indicate that we should pumping and sit-up by timing.Every one hour man!!want me to die ar.

Then was the marching section.They trained us using methods they used for marching team last time.One mistake,whole team pumping 10 times.Again,PUMPING!!The rest of the day was not too bad so far,just kept pumping and sit-up.

The next day,I woke up with my arm and belly muscles pain.And not yet finish,still need to pump minimum 90 times.As the first day,we run the school field for two rounds as 'warm-up'.Oh no,the morning section was physical test!T.T with half of my body cacat d how m I going to go through?My team first station,rope-climbing.For guys,must try all four methods,I think KRS and Scouts should noe what are those.For Jeffrey,I will explain to him next time,teach him a little bit,becoz ninjas are possible just noe tree-jumping but not climbing ropes.Just ask,have u seen Naruto climbs ropes before?

next,another rope-climbing,just this time is climb horizontally.They called the method as monkey-cross and batman.It was the first time I try,and find it was quite an easy task.XD

Third,wall-climbing.Oppss,It stated we must at least climb up and down 10 times.With 75% of my body cacat,I have no more strength to climb it.

Last,finally it was the last station.Guess wat it is?PUMPING COMPETITION!!!I never heard of such a competition.It was something like pumping marathon.Sum up the total number each team member can pump.The first was the form 4s(5 members),they pumped 1234,such a nice number.My team(5 members too) was not bad, got the second,XD 1111,this number also nice rite?

We cooked our lunch,my friend and I was the first team to light up a fire and have lunch ready.XD Actually we planned to prepare steamboat wan,just scared the time is not enuff.The afternoon section was the easiest.Make one 'cotempo'(I hope I spelled correctly).'cotempo' is a scary dummy used to scare off animals at night.

When I reached home,I am totally cacat,101%.So tomorrow Yan Yi will see Matthew on wheelchair turn up at his doorstep.XD Haiz,last time in shinobi no need to do such things de,just keep throwing shurikens onli.But frontfall for a few minutes also not an easy thing to do.I remember,last year shinobi competition dunno who the pengerusi ar?punished us to pump for 20 times before events start.Dats why we have no more strength to fight.As a result,just himself get a shuriken-throwing thrid prize.Blek~XD

Matthew~In tiring mood.

Back From Camp.

Yo, just came back from Chinese camp yesterday, and im here now. xD Chinese camp was

quite fun except for those dancing part. -.- Qian Bu Gou Yong ( Money not enough) is

the best game. Its something like Amazing Race. Haha. There is one game you have to

put your face into one big container or whatever it is which contains flour, and

take out the sweet inside. Oh ya, there is 9 person in my group including me. 8 of

them are from bu4, and one girl is from Sri Kembangan. Mr Tay says that the girl

likes to care about anything of him in Sri Kembangan. Haha. And she dances Hip-Hop,

o.o Jeffrey go dance with her la. =D The food was okay too. Just that sometimes

vegetarian food seems much nicer than normal food. Its hard to sleep there at night.

There is another guy from Sri Kembangan lend me his pillow. The pillow is quite hard

cos it is pumped with air. Haha, our school's bilik persalinan got lousy water

supply. And something bad happened there, which i better not mention it out. Oh ya,

the AJK in charged of our group is Joseline. Lol, we took lots of time to find her.

Because there's a game where we have a edited photo of our Ajk, and we have to go

around and find them. Haha. Its super hard to find her. Still got what ahh. Err, oh,

at the first night, there is a talk about lantern. Quite nice though, just that many

people talking without listening to his speech, including me. Sorry. =D On the

second day, there is also a talk about China paper cutting. Haha, quite fun also.

Lol. I'll just jump to the closing ceremony. A few form 5 AJK performed dancing and 4

people from Sri Kembangan performed singing. Lol. They just started to prepare the

singing on the first day night. And there is a slide show of our life in the camp.

Credits to Heng Lin or whatever his name is. Lol. He spent lots of time just to

finish that slide. And thats all for my post. Wahaha.