Monday, 22 September 2008


Hahahaha, i found a Wall.E with matthew in my class. Right? hahaha. Damn yeng, human

version of Wall.E . We tested it very well. And it is still functioning well. Haha. Matthew say need

more this type of people in this earth to reduce pollutions. This idea not bad. Lol. If u wanna noe

who is the Wall.E, find out urself la. Maybe we 2 will tell u one day, someday !! Anyway, my life

was so boring. I miss Bin Hao's birthday. Hahaha. I wanna get a Wii. Its so nice. Haha. It burns

fat. XD. But my dreams wont come true. Besides that, i prefer a mh 103 Qm than a Wii. Lol.