Monday, 10 November 2008

Today is Monday

Yo,Today is Monday~
So,tomorrow is Tuesday~
And,the day after tomorrow is Wednesday~

erm~today so far nothing special happen~the only thing is juz Yan Yi brought his brother's little,colourful,cute,handsome guitar to school.And Jeffrey was preparing for his guitar grade five exam.

Opps~actually got big deal happen!!teachers distributed exam papers!we got Chinese,KH,English,BM,Math,Moral,Sejarah.I got 2Bs.

The worst subject obviously is Moral.I juz got 69% only.The rest I think are Okay...

yea!!!Holidays coming.But I will feel a bit boring for dis holiday.Duno why.maybe cant joke wif Yan Yi n meet my dear frens.after I reach Penang,I think I wont feel so bored,coz sure got a lot of events.

Thursday I will go to school I think,if a lot of ppl going.erm,den I wish Jeffrey gud luck n all the best in his guitar exam.tralalala~lalalala