Saturday, 24 December 2011

The V Team

I wanted to update my blog everyday but I failed to do it. Again I say, life after SPM is much busier, I sleep at around 12am everyday. Too many events to attend, I think I should cut down some.

Yeah~The V team.

Jeffrey,Yan Yi, Wei Yang, Hao Yi, Wen Qi, Li Yen and Yi Ting came all the way from Petaling Jaya to visit me and for vacation. They are so-called "V Team".XD

They plans to set up a branch here at Penang and I am the agent.Haha.

Ohya, thank you Tree and QQ for helping me to fetch them from Queensbay to Gurney Hotel, they said you all are nice people.XD

Yan Yi and I at Gurney Hotel.

We planned to travel around on Dong Zhi with the Innova we rented. However, due to the road accident happened in Johor my mother and grandma banned me from travelling with the car. My grandma bribed me with RM50 and my mum warned me strictly : Go or you never step in this house again.

So I thought of a brilliant idea, my dad will fetch me with his own car and he can lead their car to travel around (since GPS proved to be useless, thanks to Wee Rock).

We went to Batu Ferringhi Sandy Beach, and I couldn't believe that Jeffrey never set foot on sand before. The last thing I knew about him was he couldn't cycle.Haha. Yan Yi was attacked by a racist jelly-fish. Why it was racist?It's because among all the tourists like Indians, Malays and Europeans, he a Chinese, was the only one who got stung in the same sea.XD

Wei Yang and I and the motorcycle.

At first I thought Wen Qi is just as crazy as 3 years ago when I first met her. I was wrong. She becomes more and more like a mafia. Haha. So bear in mind that never try to fool her. She is definitely not an oil-saving lantern ( 省油灯).


Liyen and Yi Ting.

Ah, Li Yen, still as tiny as 3 years before. My fault.Will earn more money to buy you milk.Drink more Anlene lah Liyen.

Wei Yang, the prefect who helps students to hide handphones during spot check, is more yellow-minded. He can relate anything to the yellow-page.It seems QQ has a big rival, Wei Yang's eyeballs won't stop to search girls. He is good at driving though, to and fro to Batu Ferringhi 3 times in one day.=)

Yi Ting, I really can't accept the way her chinese name writes. Anyway, it's just a common name,it becomes special to someone due to some unknown reasons. Yi Ting showed motherly characteristic throughout the outing. She was so caring, making sure everyone was in good condition.

It's so good to spend time with you guys, 3 years has gone but our friendships remains to the end. You know I just can't describe the feeling by words, and I know even though I can write it out here, you will not get exactly right how I feel, it is my experience, it is deep in my heart.The way you speak, the way you joke and the way you play, will etch in my mind until the next time we meet again and to be refreshed again.

Perharps long distance love really doesn't work, but long distance friendships do work. MNJ and V Team ( included the 3 Musketeerz) prove that right.



Watch out for rain deers.