Sunday, 14 June 2009

Back to Penang

Yo~tommorrow school will be reopen T.T my holidays juz gone like dat.sob

Well,it had been a very nice holidays indeed.I am still missing the days in Yanyi's house.So happy,so awesome.

I want to take this oppornunity to thank Yanyi's mother and family for their caring during the time I stayed there.His mother purposely cook porridge for me because of my teeth.

During that period,I noe a person called Benny via Yanyi.XD wahahahaha~Would you like to noe hu is Benny?wahahahaha~if u cant have a face to face chat with him,or u cant get his picture.Here got a way,straight to find Jeffrey,by admiring Jeffrey's not leng zai not bad plus a bit cute of coz very old face u can imagine how Benny looks like.wahahaahah~Well,Benny like to dance.In fact,He just learnt how to dance.He is a movie star leh.In this case,Jeffrey is much prorer.To noe more the similarities between Jeffrey and Benny,u can ask Yanyi.XD

Well,I think tommorrow I will post the days I was in KL.Many to post lol.My interesting and joyful holidays.And I will tell more about how I noe Benny.wakakaka~

Matthew~Happy Holidays XD