Saturday, 15 August 2009

A Quick Review of This Week

Since today is Saturday, the last day of the week, I would like to count what had happened so far.

Last Sunday, morning went to church as usual.Then in the afternoon, my sister and I went to the orthodontic clinic to change the braces. This time the doctor made it very tight, feeled like my teeth going to be compressed til broken. Well, this time I chose red colour for my braces.XD My classmate said it is very cool.

It was Monday. Nothing special. Went to school.Dismissed from school.I found that the fear of H1N1 was fading away. The talk of the school is going to shut down had stopped. But it seemed like the fear of the virus had changed into action to prevent it-many students started to wear masks.

The next day, seni lesson. We were practising old printing method. Take a lino pad,carve something on it, put some colours on and paste on the paper. It was boring enough. The colours we used was some sort of paint.Need to use thinner to wash off after used. The worst thing was, I had cut my finger T.T

Wednesday. Went to Science tuition class. Just really dunno why, that day the girls acted like all wanted to sit beside me -.- they even fight with each other to get the place. Of coz, that was just the nice part of the beginning. When the tuition started, teacher gave us past years questions to answer. The time he discussed with us, he kept looking at my answer (I was sitting in front) and read out my wrong answers to the class. He never did so if my answers were correct (but most of the time my answers are wrong,of coz,as he would catch me even there are no fullstops)."Look at this paper,I know this is a boy's work because of the untidy sketch." my writting is so tettible meh ? As far as I noe Jeffrey's is even worst than mine.XD

Thursday. This was the second day after the school had launch the E-attendance project. We all felt that this was unneccessary. Everyday, we need to walk to one of the monitor screen in the school (there are only 3), take out the card and scan it. Just like the touch 'N' go. But that one is better. Then, the screen will appear your name stated that you have attended the school. Definitely, that will be some minutes after u scanned due to system problem. That day, I took my KH electronic project out secretly to finish the pateri at home.XD shhhhh~dun tell anyone ya.

Friday.Geography exam serentak Penang. I did it well I think. Just wrong abt 5 questions. Today~school replacement.11 students absent.This let me recall last year in bu4,skul replacement there was just 8 students attended skul. hahaha~

After skul went to have lunch in Chai Leng Park. After that went to SSF. Then went for rojak.muahahaha

Come back late. Took bath and rest until now.Freaking tired now. PMR is near.I'd think I can score, 8As in my skul now is a must. Last year my school had a record of 148 8As students.

Good Luck to Jeffrey,Yanyi,Liyen,Wen Qi, Yiting and all my friends in bu4 for your trial exam. Good Luck in PMR too.All the best to you,all the way from Penang.

Busy day busy week.

A smile can change. That's wad Jeff said.XD Musketeerz forever.

Matthew~deep in love.