Saturday, 22 August 2009

The First Day of Holidays

Today I woke up at 7.30am.The weather was cloudy and soon there was a down pour. I took a bath and got dressed. Arrive at Tanjung tution centre at 9. I participated a seminar for B.Melayu karangan there. Michael Ng was the speaker name. I think he is quite old, and he keep asking us to remember his name, boasting that Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Michael Owen, Michael Jackson and Michael Schumacher all followed his name -.-

I found that perharps he could crap better than us. 3 hours seminar he crap for 2 hours, half an hour was used to welcome us with all kind of languages and dialects, Mandarin, English , Bahasa, Tamil, Japanese, French, German, Hainanese, Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese......

The half an hour left was occupied with songs he sang to entertain us. So after the seminar ended, I went to TCH badminton court to play badminton.

Remember last time the short prefect I have mentioned? The one who cant finish Wan Tan Mee one. He ar, total irresponsible, probably affected by the Potion sitting next to him in school. I asked him to complete his part of the Chinese Project a month ago. Besides, I remind and remind him every week like an alarm clock ringing on time. He delayed and delayed the time he should pass up. At last ytd was the last day of the semester, he took out paper and pen and HE DID IT IN FRONT OF ME WEI!!!

I nearly got heartfailure. Thought he finished d ages ago. Unfortunately, the discipline teacher summoned all prefects and asked them to carry a tin to collect donation for Salvation Army. He was not in class for the whole day. That's mean he cant finish it in class.

At night, he phoned me to do the rest of the project by my own. This time I was lucky, just fainted. Never see a prefect like that wei, even Wei Yang is a lot better than him.

Here I wish all of our fans and supporters and readers and admirers and friends and brothers and sisters have a very happy happy holidays.XD