Monday, 13 July 2009

Why teachers need that one month holiday while we don't‏

Now we know the reason….cuz they are so stressed out by our kids! Why?? Read below the essays to know.I really sympathize with this teacher….

A1 english essay... ...P.S. this is not my paper!!XD

I wonder why the teaher marked him wrong.

Orh~it is logically correct.

Actually I also duno what equation is this.But u can see it clearly that the student understand it...

...Genius of Math...

These also pick from the net. After reading these...I found that my math is extremely good,even great!hahaha~when your parents scold you because you get 60 for maths,show these to them,they will appreciate how clever are you.wakakaka...

YanYI and Jeffrey!!I think we have encounter ppl hu are lamer than us d...'One will lamer than another'...but we are still lAmE!

Eight more days! I brother in UK studying abroad is coming back soon!!Hooray~long time never see him d.XD Laz saturday just video called with him juz now,bad news oh.Bad things duh.To my brother,I feel sorry to you for being scolded by mum.Dun Cry.
Hey,Jeffrey and Yanyi still have no updates.If this still continues,I will use deadly force--Saman you 1000bucks.XD dead enuff?
Matthew~LOL!Laugh Out Loud!!!!