Monday, 29 September 2008

My Sunday.

Yesterday, which is sunday, i went to The Curve, but not walking around there. I'm working

there yesterday. Lol. Since morning 10 i was there, and i work till 10 p.m. The time past like a

small snail. One minute is like two minute. Freaking sien. So I sms here sms there, because there

is no customer. Some of them just come and ask for the price, then sayonara. Memang like that

wan la, the price of the tie so freaking expensive, rob bank will be faster la. The money of the tie

is just like the taxi charge mention by Jeffrey at Pudu Raya. XD. So i made two friends in the

place. One is philipine, one is Chinese. The chinese one is a funny guy. Haha.

After the whole day i've been working, i got my first bucket of 60 bucks. =.=' Better than nothing

la. I told my parents that i regret sitting there wasting my time which is worth more than 60

bucks. T.T time come back !!!!

Btw, i discovered a new eye disease called word blind. Haha. I found i have this eye problem

when i see melamine into melanie in Wen Qi's blog. Hahahaha.