Friday, 7 November 2008

In Memoriam

Try to recall those days~u noe,especially the 1st day I arrived in dis skul(althu is a wrong move for some reasons,but not bad can noe Jeff n Yan Yi).welcome anyone to share ur very 1st impression to me.send to anyone of us n we will post up here if u like.thank you.I noe Yin very hate me at 1st,I think Yan Yi oso dulan me before~n Wei Yang dun even realise I was there =.=

Ah~the 1st day~~it was like happen thousand yrs ago~dat time i feel damn nervous when enter dis skul~I was like:what?students sit on the ground?the 1st person I in touched was Pik San.she is the pengawas for 2Matahari.den I sat down beside Kadri.I think we got shake hands.den we started to chat.

After perhimpunan,we went in the class.Remember I helped kadri shift tables from other classes.den,duno how n why!I sat beside Keng Han!!I haven found out how serious was dat time~but noe...URGH!how lucky was I.

Many teachers absent dat day,so we juz chat n chat n chat.ohya~1st day I was there,Jeff ask me to join Shinobi~According to the pengerusi,he will give me full attendence if I joined.emmmmm~dis offer not bad,so I joined the club dat train u become a professional untensil for others to whack.

Well,I think dats my 1st day in dis skul~my last day wil either be on Monday or Thursday~dats another story~
~Remember to share out~

The one neither Jeffrey nor Yan Yi~yu-hoooooooooooo

Last day coming


2day we went to eco park.Wei Yang,Shaun Low,Zhan hong n me~

our 1st station is go to eat IKEA very special n delicious sausage,Wei Yang feel dat is the best food in Malaysia~remember after the 1st time we introduce to him,he become IKEA sausage regular customer.haha~n he become smarter n smarter,now,he wil bring along a small bottle to fill in the beverage.wahh~damn pro leh Wei Yang.Shaun n I was joking y dont connect a pipe from his house to the beverage machine(or watever u called).wakaka~

den we played basketball~Shaun injured my finger,nvm,a gud way to make me remember him.den I rest for a while.He den shoot the ball.the ball missed n hit the hoop n duno why muz fly to me.Dat time I was watching the AND1 show,when I turn back,the ball hit me square on my face~thanks to my specs,it saved my nose twice.This made me NEVER forget Shaun forever.haha~xD

den we went back for trainning.Wei Yang n I strolling over the skul for fun.We chat a lot,n very enjoy the silence of the environment.

Matthew~you'll never walk alone~just I m leaving alone.

Oh Yeah !

Finally exam is over. woohoo. finally can post something. finally can understand

what is freedom. finally can jam everyday. finally !!!!!!!!! Today right after exam

i went to 1u. So fun, went to neway and spoilt the place. Spent 20 bucks thr. it was

quite worth it. 20 bucks include food, drinks, 5 hours of entertainment. They are

quite dumb. For 3 person onli then they give such a big room. Its like enough for 4

person to lie down and sleep. XD after neway, then go straight to TGV and watch

Quantom Of Solace-007. Daniel Craig. XD But i prefer casino royale. But Quantom of

Solace still involve some high tech stuff. Especially the fone. freaking nice. urgh.

imagine i own the fone.

Btw, my two frens from other school are acting real weird. One go highlight his hair

and wear until so gay today. I keep on call him dai gor. When zi xiu see him in 1u,

he ask me whether izzit Ah Long's fren. Hahaha. The other fren go pierce his ears. i

wan bang wall !!! Stupid, today so sui. Online kena siasat by sohai. i manage to

scold back the person. hell yeah !

Good Luck alka-setzer-ing jeffrey ! XP