Monday, 22 November 2010

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010

This is the second day of penang bridge run. The side effects of over contracting my muscles started to show up. Hardly walk today...

By the way yesterday was a great experience. Running under such harsh weather was good.hahax~We reached there by 6pm, watched a movie until 12am. We came out from Queensbay and slept on big rocks at the beaches.Damn hard rocks man!!Part of my injuries are cause by improper sleeping position.We moved in a big tent later on and it started to rain haevily about 4am.

And I'm half deaf by now, after Sui Jing shouted so loudly to me, part of it is caused by her ki siao looks and fear of her.muahahaha~a photo can cause her to become like that~scared scared lol.

So the holidays started~dunno why feel like it will gone fast like usual~this will be our last term holidays since our primary and secondary education.Next year we will having SPM dy. As I am thinking how to live a meaningful holidays, the time passes like water flows towards the east.

Argh~hope the plans I have in mind won't fail to carry out.XD

Here I wish all of you happy holidayz!!

Wait... wait... Forgot something...

We watched it. I ranked it as the lousiest movie I ever watched. Wasted money and time!I was so pissed off once I stepped out the cinema. The whole movie is absolutely meaningless. It started off with Aliens coming down to catch and take human brains. The main character together with his girl friend running for lives and fighting for survival. The movie shows how they tried every method and possible ways.At last?They were sucked up by the UFO too.
It's okay for me if it ends with he and his girl friend finally escaped and live happily ever since. Maybe the director is trying to get off this boring ending, but not in such a way lah.
The movie ends with after his brain was taken out and implant to another alien,he still has his emotion and remembered his girl friend. He tried to destroy the UFO and save his girl friend. That's all.
You see!?
Totally meaningless~it never tells why the aliens come?What are the aliens??Why choose earth??It also never say why the main character will go to LA.Halfway they got help from the air force and military.That's mean other places no aliens, just LA got. The massive UFO was bombed deadly but it can repair by itself.
Totally sucks man.
And sure will have Skyline 2, maybe continue how he destroys the big UFO to protect his girl friend. zzz .