Friday, 14 January 2011

Teachers of 5SA1 - Part 2

Well, today I just want to talk about our new moral teacher, Pn Tan Pei San ( I am not sure if I spelt her name correctly.)

SO what special about her??From the first sight I saw her stepping into 5SA1, I got an odd feeling. As Sui Jing said, she is pretty, yet short and weird. Her hair, I don't know how to describe, er, just like expanded, between the hair got some air, so the hair won't really like falling close to the head, especially hair behind. Aha, just like the hair style of female character in 《爱就宅在一起》.

Her voice is super high pitch. And her face expression. OMG, she always smile so broadly and it is literary grinning from ear to ear lol. Her smile has some wickedness in it, like laughing at you because you have been chosen to answer her question.

I was the first one to be called up by her to answer question

Why??It was because I was playing some kindergarten children games with Chen Xin while she asked us to read one passage. We sat so far corner to the back door there and amazingly she could heard us. Wow, she might have very good pair of ears.

Expectedly, she wouldn't let me answer the question correctly. I had to stand til the period was over.

She is considered a good teacher based on her teaching method. Maybe it is because we are sitting for SPM this year so the teachers are more strict and exam-orientated. I have confidence in Moral exam now =)

How is she weird? One way is because she behaves like little young lady I think. I don't know what's Sui Jing's answer for this. She is actually a married woman and has children.

The most interesting part is she is actually very open minded. In today's lesson, we learnt the nilai 'Bertanggungjawab', the topic was on how to plan your career and hold your future. Some guys' ambition is to be a obstetrician. So she explained : "A doctor like obstetrician is very stressful and it's not an easy job. They have to be 24 hours on call, can't go vacation, they must rush to hospital although is halfway having meals, they have to be there even though they are sleeping well and dreaming in the midnight or in the middle of ... (On this point we all understood what she is referring, not suitable for kids below 18.)" The whole class bursted into laughter for 5 minutes.

Another story I heard from Su Mei was she advised her class :" Why you all want to do that thing at such a young age?Doing that so fast is not enjoyable. Doing on the day you married is so exciting(才爽ma)." -.- cool neh, I like this.XD

Don't get stunned, I am perfectly sure that she teaches MORAL in our class.

Looking forward to another suprising and informative talk from her. =)