Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Graduation Day Rehearsal

Prologue : I lent my KRS uniform assets to form3 because they were having backwood comp on laz saturday.They returned it to zhen jie and asked him to pass to me. Monday he didn't get it, Tuesday I absent, Wednesday is Uniform Day.

Today, I went to school with just my KRS Uni without any other badges attached to it. I counted on Zhen Jie to return to me at school. I thought of bringing a green shirt to change in case he forget to bring. However I think : If he really doesn't bring, I can blame him and ask him to give me a new set.=P

When I reached the class after climbing 8 fleet of stairs, he was absent.


So I was like a bit hysteric. Running here and there to search for extra set of badges. For your information, I am the Discipline Master of KRS, and my very own uniform was not complete. What a shame.

The result was : no found.

ARGH!! I decided to stay in class and refuse to see anyone who is KRS.

After recess, 4SA1 was asked to go in the hall to take part in the graduation day rehearsal. The whole hall just have 3 ppl who were in Uniform, and all were green. I sat beside Jingxue. Behind us were Rou Yi, Yen Fen and Wen Nee. Five of us started to chit chat.

You can talk a lot with boisterous girls.hahahaaha~

We talked from heaven and down to earth, from east fly to the west.XD

It was so fun to chat with them, a lot of laughter too. But, please repect my privacy ba, don't spread rumours, for me is nothing but I don't want to hurt pihak lain.

I told Jingxue, we were highly exposed and obvious for the teachers on stage because of our green uniform. However none of us care about it. At last, Mr. Ho gave a speech. He said he was very dissapointed for the performance of Form5, and some form4s too. Those from unit beruniform were supposed to have discipline and can behaved well.