Monday, 30 January 2012

Underworld : Awakening

Underworld! The first 18 PL movie we watched in GSC LEGALLY!

We will never forget the day, which proved that we're adults once again.

I was already in Lunar New Year ( my dad said saying Chinese New Year is a little bit racist.) holiday mood on that friday, you know when you start to work you will thirst more for holidays to reach by crossing out dates on the calendar ever than during your schooling days.

Pokok was back to drive us out again!! It was so excited, not because of we were going out again, but we were going out like a family. Sitting inside Pokok's Citra you will have that feeling. His car is large and comfy enough to fit 7 persons. We need not to reach a destination by separate cars. The most amazing thing was even though I kept making noise, Pokok could still brought us there safely. Haha.

UNDERWORLD : AWAKENING is a significant movie to me because finally we can enjoy the thrill of an above 18 movie without fear. Let the officers go up and down to check for 'intruders', we are not afraid to show our identity card anymore. Do you still remember a month ago what happened there at the entrance of GSC?15 of us were blocked and chased. 

That friday, when we entered the ticket check point, all of us felt excited. Before that we would be nervous to pass through it, we acted like an adult, we were afraid of being called to show IC. But now on that day, we just headed to it without any plans and strategies, no more what a guy pairs with a girl to act like a couple or any nonsense. We were even hoping that they would check our ICs, we clutched our ICs in hands and ready to 'show hand'. We slowed down our paces, waiting them to call us. However, they seemed like not going to check. Hmm, quite disappointed. At last, they requested our ICs! Yeah! We gladly showed them! In our hearts we thought : " Want to see ah, nahh, see until you're syok!"

Somehow they knew our thoughts, returning us the cards and said " Wahh, baru lapan belas ah." with a grin.

This experience was fantastic! You will enjoy that moment one day if you are still under 18. Be patient. Then you will miss the days when you need to break in like robbing a bank.

Okay~enough adventures. Let's talk about the movie.

In fact I don't like scary and horror movies. If not the sake of 18 PL, I will not risk my heart to be stopped one or two second. Lucikly it was not a ghost movie, or else I would close my eyes until the movie ended. It was just a little bit , er, bloody. Anyway I still could bear it. All I did was picturing myself as a surgeon, I am trained to see all these bloody scenes.

But it was really really bloody. The way they kill, I advise you to choose alternative ways if you want to murder someone one day. Haha.Firstly, you need not to shock yourself with the opened wounds and bones.

I never watch the prequels before. The good part of it was I could still catch up with the story line. It's all about humans, vampires and werewolves again. The war between these creatures in Underworld was far exciting than the Twilight Saga. The way the vampires fight with the Lycans, wow, was much more watchable and cool than how they fight in Breaking Dawn. There were a lot of actions, unlike mere pushing and yelling in Breaking Dawn.

One common thing I found from 2 movies was, all vampires seem to have the same jumping high and fast motion super power. Perharps this is the typical characteristic of a vampire? Just like they are afraid of sunlight and drink blood to sustain life? On the other hand, werewolves are not quite the same. The werewolves in both movies need not to wait until full moon to transform.

Anticipating Resident Evil and G.I. Joe this year!