Thursday, 18 November 2010


What a suffering exam week.It is gone now.XD

I average slept 6 hours each day just to pass the exam, just pass only ar,not A, and don't say get 100.

Anyway, it is over now. As usual after exam, I am like living without soul, no target, lost direction, don't no how to make use of the extra time I have. Somemore this time I have 8 weeks to spend.hahaha~


Really don't have any holidays plan yet. Before exams, this thing I want to do during holidays, that thing I want to complete during holidays;however I wonder after school reopen they are still there, untouch at all. =.=

I think this holiday will be an exciting one. The first event for every year-end holidays is Penang Bridge Run. We will go earlier on that day to watch HARRY POTTER!!yeah!yeahhh!!!yeahhhh!!!!!

I watched the trailer dy~super damn nice!!yeahhhh yyyeeaahhhh!!!But Wei Qi is watching it now as I am typing =( bring me along....

Then Narnia will roll out on December. A lot of big hits yeah.XD

But Transformer 3 will only come out on May next year.

Tomorrow still need to go to school to return textbooks. Since it is the last day of this school year, I am ready to do something significant and memorable.muuahahhhhhh~watch out guys,matt is mad.wahhhahahahaha~

This exam period really make me crazy, don't believe you can ask those who were sitting at the back. Four of us, wei qi, Sui Jing, Zhen Jie and me were joking and fooling around every moment, as others were burying their heads in books. I think we made a lot of noise and disturbed some ppl.hahaha~sorry lor, who say exam cannot joke. Saya ada Hak untuk joke.

ohya~my dear 4sA1 friends!!!Hope can see you next year in 5-S-A-1!!!!