Sunday, 3 April 2011




Wuuahhh~I am really running of time now.


I have no time to do my bloody homework.

I have no time to read my books.

I have no time to study.

I have no time to watch tele.

I have no time to online.

I have no time to blog!

Sorry for not updating so soon. I AM RUNNING OUT OF TIME. And as you know connect to the net means burning a few hours away. I can't afford that. Driving lesson had taken away my several precious afternoon time. And I couldn't believe that next Wednesday I am going to go for forum competition!! ABOLIDEBOH!

I am scared, I am tired,I am worried, I am nervous, I am full of fear...

Lord Jesus, take away all these from me, this is my prayer Lord, let me have Your peace in my heart, let me feel Your presence, as I know deep in my heart I shall not depend on myself, not even my confidence nor experiences, I must depend solely on You. You know I long for Your sovereign in my heart. Lead me and guide me in my life as I commit my life into Your mighty hands. Do not forsake me Lord almighty, let Thy will be done!By Your power I stand, by Your bread I live, by Your grace I dwell.I pray that Jesus, You'll be with me every moment every second, to help me to protect me!As I look back, I see Your blessings upon me, grace upon grace shower on me.You are Lord, You are King, You are Jesus!In Jesus almighty Name I pray, Amen.


Yet, last night I went to COCLB's concert. I think last night was better than last year's.haha. The play I love most is Sui Jing's "Winter Hunt".XD Sui Jing was so cool k, solo leh. It was an unforgettable moment.=)

And we guys were forced to let go our places for the parents visitors due to oversold of tickets. Haiz, that was the priviledge to be Rou Yi's friends. So we moved to staircase there to continue to rest of the concert.

Suddenly, Xu Huan and Jasmine came to find us, they gave me a teddy bear, which was bought my Wei Qi's aka dead rope's mother, to be given to her on stage. The girls really acted so cowardly, it was their best friend's performance but they did not dare to show their love to her.

Hence, as you may have guessed, I was the one appointed by them to go up to stage and hand it to her. Yea, a guy walked up alone with a bear and handed it to a girl on the stage. Romantic hor.What might the teachers say?the students? I have no idea seriously.

After that, Yan Fen sms me to thank me. Praising that I did a great job -________-' You know I did that with sacrifices of tonnes of other girls tears??hahahahaha.XP

You might think that was funny, really funny indeed.

If you think laughing at me will cheer you up, be glad to continue then.XP