Saturday, 8 August 2009

Today is Saturday

These few days,everyone besides nerding,also very concern about when our skul will be shut down temporary. There are rumours that some of the skul students get the H1N1. This area juz left my skul and another smk remain open,others are closed for good.

Tomorrow I stayed back at skul for backwood comp discussion. I went out for lunch with a short, cute prefect.He is just so tiny,skinny and short.

At first we ordered two milo ice,but the Indian guy brought us kopi ice. So we asked for change.He refused to do so and still insisted that he was right (thats mean we said wrong).So at last I managed to ask him to change one.

I took the milo ice,my fren took kopi ice. he cant drink anymore after he tried some.Its too pahit. We both ordered wan tan mee.Mine was larger than his. When I finished mine,he was still eating.then,he stopped,he CANT FINISH IT!Now i got it why he is so skinny and short.

Well then he had nothing to drink.So he aimed at my milo ice.Finally I agreed to campur his kopi ice to my milo ice.It turns out he still dun dare to drink the kopi campur milo ice.So he asked our others frens to help us to finish it.

We arrived late at the meeting as usual,luckily we never get scolded.