Friday, 30 December 2011

Before 2011 Ends

New Year is just around the corner, I am not that excited as usual and I am still sick. In fact, I am afraid of the coming 2012. No, the world will not end in 2012, but the our lives will somehow change.

Do you realize that you will never need to get up early in the morning, dress in your school uniforms and climb up to the fourth floor to your class? If you are going to college, your classmates will never be the same again.

When the clock strikes 00:00 and everyone is shouting "Happy New Year!", it signifies a brand new life to us. The countdown event may be the last event for us to gather with the same past and the same origin. We will find a time to gather again, we sure do, but that time we will have different stories with us to tell,nothing we can share in common. Those days, those hard times we experienced together will not replicate. We will never study together in library again.

And of course, everyone goes on with his or her own way. Studying, working or national service.

However, life goes on. This is what Jeffrey told me 3 years ago. We can't avoid the changes and the only way to get rid of it is to adapt to it. We will have new friends but we won't forget the old friends.

Let us embrace the future, let go all the sadness and frustration. The view from this hilltop is fantastic, but please don't stop here. Pick up your backpack when the sun rises, continue your journey of life. Be courageous to walk down the slope so you can climb a higher mountain. Your friends and companions may choose other routes, there is absolutely no reason to follow them.

On Saturday night we will gather at different spots with different people, shouting


I am ready to take the risk, waiting the perfect timing to reach.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Thud, thud. Not to worry, I'm still alive.

Sometimes you will feel a sign before something like disasters or accidents to happen. Maybe. Is it your instinct? Or your sixth sense? Perharps it's from God, sending you a warning, speaking to your heart very softly. And, like any other, I used to overlook it, muffling down the inner voice. Don't think too much Matty, nothing will happen.

This was just an ordinary day. The sun rised and went down. But before he hid himself completely behind the hills, ... ....

We were setting off to my grandma's house.At the lobby of my home my dad passed me the car keys and asked me to drive. I was wearing pants with no pockets, so I didn't bring my wallet and I held my phone in hand. Funny, it has been a long time I didn't drive my family out, and when the chance was offered I left my driving licence behind. I thought for awhile, why.

Out in the road, turned left. Oh no, it's Wednesday night, pasar malam. I reminded my dad. Should I? You could still squeeze through the market.He turned back and chose another route.

Going on smoothly.I leaned on the left door with my left shoulder as I used to, spinning my phone, never know what was I expecting of.

RED LIGHT ahead!Dad made a right turn to avoid it. I thought it was not neccessary. Silence reigned. Maybe my mum had fallen asleep.

Almost there, last right turn to cross. I saw the lights, a few were slow far behind the opposite way, but one was moving fast. Ah, I thought we needed to wait.

Yea, I thought.

The car did not come to a rest. It took a turn. What?!

I felt the time had stopped. In a second, my mind was turning and thinking fast. My dad should have stepped on the pedal hard to make a fast turn. However it seemed to be so slow. Why my mum wasn't screaming as she used to? Should I shout?

The light slowed a little bit and it yawed left and right. Wow, so near, with a passenger.Finally, I made up my mind to shout for a warning but it turned out to be a scream of fear.


I threw my body to the right and put my hands behind my head immediately. Of course, eyes closed.The car stopped after a few seconds.Ah, let me think, fight or flight reaction? Well, I am trained.Yeah.Haha.

I felt an impact on my left shoulder.Tiny pieces showered on me from behind, like scenes in the movies.A huge impact huh. When I opened up my eyes again, glass debris all over the cushion, my clothes and my body. I heard my mum crying in prayer. My dad went off. I looked back, a man lying there with blood.

" I don't want to see!I don't want to look!Oh Jesus preserve their lives!Oh Jesus!" My mum cried louder.

I dared not to move, you see, all the shattered pieces around, a slightest move will pierce into my delicate skin. I turned my head to the left, there was a small hole, the window had turned into a frame of diamonds, sparkling. My mum asked me to call the ambulance.I saw someone outside holding a phone. I called my aunty instead.

Don't worry my friends, no one died.

I can still laugh, I can still joke.



Thank you Neri for your comforting call, which was not comforting at all. It was more like a mum nagging to her son. I told you I was not the driver!Oh please.Haha. Thank you!

How I hope this was just a story, maybe his story, or her story, just don't be mine.

It was not a bad thing at all to have such experience. But I really don't like the consequences. I am still not clear what protocol my family will trigger. Don't worry, there is no such thing as Ghost Protocol in my family. Perharps I will be grounded for a few weeks? Ah yes, what my grandma repeated to me over and over again right after that :

" Matthew Zai!Popo always tell you do not sit your friends' cars!!You see!"

I replied her calmly :" My father was the driver just now ... ..."

So, kindly please drop your supplements to me at my room window, I must lie low for awhile at home. Haha. Thank you so much.


Dear mum and grandma, I love you all. I saw your white faces.<3


Forget about how much fun we had yesterday together,I miss the sea and the boat ride!Yeah! The only flaw of the trip was we didn't overnight. Allow me to clarify here, I didn't emo due to whatever reasons lah. I was sick, having sorethroat and fever and you all knew it.I am consicous and I live in the present.XD

With the condition like this, how am I able to run around in the field for paint ball? So I turned down the paintball game and chose to rest whole day at home.

As always, unexpected events keep on crashing into my life, making my life exciting.XD I received a message from Hong You Jing to ask me to go to school to involve in a simple movie making. I gladly accepted the request, ya, although I was sick, but I told him I might be late. Haha. You all know I love to act and direct movies.

I reached school with school uniform (which I dug a few metres down my home to get it,) and saw the other actors and actresses were doing some foolish movements on the field. I had a fever, and walking into the school compound with school uniform made me felt even worse. I joined the crowd, not knowing what was the movie about, I just followed what they were doing.

There was a large group with different layers of students, haha, but mostly were seafood form 3 guys (opps) and a few form 5s. As the time went on I came to know what was it all about. Year 2002 school leavers are celebrating their 10th year of graduating, and they wanted us to help them to make a short video for the event.

It was no fun at all.

Why?I am not the main character.Ha Ha Ha. Just joking.

The director and cameraman took more of the seafood kids, with dyed hair and seafood dressing styles. They seemed to like them so much. The pros like those from Drama Club and us ( hehe) were left aside watching them.

Yeah, we were just the crowd or the so-called 'Pedestrian A' in Chinese that you usually see in the movies.

Although it's quite boring, I tried to adjust my mood and observe what could I learn. I observed how they took the shots and the tools used. One of them was in the team of Malaysian Chinese Movie "Tian Tian Hao Tian" a.k.a. "Good Day". So I take it as an experience and felt being treated like an actor. Haha. They bought breakfast, tea and lunch, for over 30 of us.

The video will be on Facebook next year after Chinese New Year. I hope my face will appear more and some famous directors will notice my talent. HAHAHAHAHA.Who knows?XD

Today was a good day, even though I don't like the ending part of it.

Mission:Impossible-Ghost Protocol

 Yeah,I watched this movie for twice,once with friends and once with family during Christmas.

I think most of you have watched this movie too, so I will just skip the synopsis part.
 In fact, the main objective of my parents to go out for a movie is that we can hang out together as a family. My parents don't enjoy watching movie much, usually we will watch some animation movies, at least the cute characters will 'distract' my parents from dozing off.XD

However, this time was so special. Because of I was watching the movie for the second time, I had free time to look around to see others' expressions during the sudden bombing part (HAHAHAHAHA). It was quite fun though, seeing others shock faces (I know I am lame.). Before entering the cinema, I was afraid that my childish mum would not be able to understand how the plot proceeds. I was amazed that she could follow the story line well and she was so eager plus nervous to know what come next. She kept nudging me and asking questions like, " Is their plan successful?" "Did he die?" .

When the movie ended I was shocked to see my parents discussing the movie.

Mum :" So agent Hunt's wife still alive?"

Dad :"Ya, I think so."

Mum :" The assasin Moreau is whose girl friend?Agent Thant's right?That's why he is so angry when that woman kicked her down."

Dad :" No lah, Moreau is not Thant's girl friend lah."

Mum :" Then why is Thant so angry."

Dad :" Its because they are losing one asset."

Mum :" What do you mean by 'asset'?"

Matty:"An asset is ... ..."

Of course, such high standard question which my mum asked cannot be answered by my dad.XD

Well, familiar with this picture?

There is a question I like to ask, the sticky gloves which he uses to climb the tallest tower are produced by which country? 

Perharps they are made in China.Haha.Or they are pirated. That's why halfway climbing his right glove malfunctioned, leaving him the left one to finish the tough climb. Oh, dear USA, don't take your agents' lives as a joke.XD

This is a brilliant movie, it captured my parents' attention.=)

Monday, 26 December 2011
















Saturday, 24 December 2011

The V Team

I wanted to update my blog everyday but I failed to do it. Again I say, life after SPM is much busier, I sleep at around 12am everyday. Too many events to attend, I think I should cut down some.

Yeah~The V team.

Jeffrey,Yan Yi, Wei Yang, Hao Yi, Wen Qi, Li Yen and Yi Ting came all the way from Petaling Jaya to visit me and for vacation. They are so-called "V Team".XD

They plans to set up a branch here at Penang and I am the agent.Haha.

Ohya, thank you Tree and QQ for helping me to fetch them from Queensbay to Gurney Hotel, they said you all are nice people.XD

Yan Yi and I at Gurney Hotel.

We planned to travel around on Dong Zhi with the Innova we rented. However, due to the road accident happened in Johor my mother and grandma banned me from travelling with the car. My grandma bribed me with RM50 and my mum warned me strictly : Go or you never step in this house again.

So I thought of a brilliant idea, my dad will fetch me with his own car and he can lead their car to travel around (since GPS proved to be useless, thanks to Wee Rock).

We went to Batu Ferringhi Sandy Beach, and I couldn't believe that Jeffrey never set foot on sand before. The last thing I knew about him was he couldn't cycle.Haha. Yan Yi was attacked by a racist jelly-fish. Why it was racist?It's because among all the tourists like Indians, Malays and Europeans, he a Chinese, was the only one who got stung in the same sea.XD

Wei Yang and I and the motorcycle.

At first I thought Wen Qi is just as crazy as 3 years ago when I first met her. I was wrong. She becomes more and more like a mafia. Haha. So bear in mind that never try to fool her. She is definitely not an oil-saving lantern ( 省油灯).


Liyen and Yi Ting.

Ah, Li Yen, still as tiny as 3 years before. My fault.Will earn more money to buy you milk.Drink more Anlene lah Liyen.

Wei Yang, the prefect who helps students to hide handphones during spot check, is more yellow-minded. He can relate anything to the yellow-page.It seems QQ has a big rival, Wei Yang's eyeballs won't stop to search girls. He is good at driving though, to and fro to Batu Ferringhi 3 times in one day.=)

Yi Ting, I really can't accept the way her chinese name writes. Anyway, it's just a common name,it becomes special to someone due to some unknown reasons. Yi Ting showed motherly characteristic throughout the outing. She was so caring, making sure everyone was in good condition.

It's so good to spend time with you guys, 3 years has gone but our friendships remains to the end. You know I just can't describe the feeling by words, and I know even though I can write it out here, you will not get exactly right how I feel, it is my experience, it is deep in my heart.The way you speak, the way you joke and the way you play, will etch in my mind until the next time we meet again and to be refreshed again.

Perharps long distance love really doesn't work, but long distance friendships do work. MNJ and V Team ( included the 3 Musketeerz) prove that right.



Watch out for rain deers.

Friday, 16 December 2011







上午9点:在交通渐繁忙的路上,享受开车的乐趣。载了捏你(nehh,NERI lor)到媛芬大姐的家开会。半路引领天明哥抵达目的地。




下午1时:ROUND ONE - 好久没有吃擂茶了!到韩国上网的大树发了短讯给天明,天明不知不觉地回了两封,花了四令吉。芮菁只吃‘擂’,‘茶’给天明喝光了。我们哗啦哗啦了很多。

下午2时15分:ROUND TWO - 不知哪个该死的主意(不会是我吧?),到了旧市(Old Town 也)喝什么下午茶。大伙儿继续哗啦哗啦。突发奇想办个部落格大赛,在限定的时间内疯狂完成一篇博文为胜者。哈哈。


下午4时半:ROUND THREE -在光华小学后面吃拉萨和暧昧红豆冰。哎,我吃辣时狼狈的样,眼不见为净。这是芮菁教不会我的事。










Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Room Tidy Up

According to my planner I am supposed to tidy up my room today, but thank God it doesn't state there I must clean it thoroughly.Hehe.I know many of you have done it right after SPM, clearing the books off the racks and some of you may even release your craziness by burning it. My advice is here is Penang, Go Green ya.

In fact, I really have no idea where to start. I think I have already well adapted to the messy environment.XD Nearly a month I have been surrounded by books and papers. I am afraid after I clean it I may not get used to the cleaner environment.Haha.

I decided to start with clothes. My grandma sent me many packets of clothes from my old house. I just stacked them up at the corner of my room.

The books and papers!Where should be their second home is a problem too. I don't want to send some nice useful stuffs to the orphanage, so I force my sister to foster them.XD

After a wholeday doing the rough chores, all done!And well done!




Nice right? Yeah, it is visibly nice at a glance.=)

But how about the drawers?


Some tiny things all I throw into the drawers and cupboards to hide them from my view.

Like I said :"整理,是一个持续不断的过程。", "Tidying is a routine process." I can't finish all in one day. I will deal with the drawers another day.Yeah~another day.

Ohya, THANK YOU MY DEAR UNCLE FEE. He loves me so much since I was a kid. I can still remember he always put me on his neck when I was 3 or 4.=) I think I will probably break his neck if he try to do the same thing again.Haha. Well, when he travelled to USA last week he bought me the first Skechers of my life. It's the latest model. He bought the first pair with orignal price but second pair half price. It is US$70 but the price here is about RM400 according to him.It is cheap compared to the price here.THANK YOU VERY MUCH UNCLE.XD

I like the colour and design.=)

There is a 'S' there.=D

My grandma asks me to keep it until next Chinese New Year. Haha. I will rather take it as Christmas gift.XD

Monday, 12 December 2011


Hahaha~today was quite a meaningful day to me. I really spent some quality time with NJ. I got my first scholarship offer of my life. Yeah. I maybe not taking it, but it is a success!

At Jing's castle we created our MNJ blog.XD And it strikes 91 pageviews up to now.Haha. Just like grand opening of a store, we get supports from all of you. Thank you so much. Hope that from today onwards, more and more people will visit us. Do sound like starting a business right. However, we will only post about the events we attend, involve and laugh together, our own respective blogs are still working.

This is the blog address :

In fact this blog is actually a combined blog too. Jeffrey, Yan Yi and Matthew the so called 3Musketeerz founded this site but they leave Matty to manage it, the other two are just put their names.It doesn't matter anyway.=)

Suddenly found this song, i think it will lift your spirit when you hear this.XD


Sunday, 11 December 2011

Arthur Christmas

 My mum surprisingly wanted to bring us for a movie when she saw the trailer of Arthur Christmas 2 weeks ago. That time I was busy cramming everything in for SPM Biology and was shocked when those words blurted out from her mouth, nearly caused me to vomit out all the facts I had swallowed.

So after 2 weeks, we watched it today at Sunway Carnival Mall. It had been a long time since we watched a movie together.

 I love Christmas as you all know it. In spite of the parties and presents, Jesus came to the world more than 2000 years ago.XD

Obviously, "Arthur Christmas" is a comedy just like others animation movies. The storyline is quite good and it is very creative. It talks about a Santa Claus family - Grand Santa, Santa and his two sons, Steven and Arthur. Santa is quite old but he is not ready for retirement. On his 70th Christmas Operation, his elder son, Steven helps him to distribute all the presents to all the kids worldwide during Christmas eve by the latest IT. Of cause you don't expect Santa to move around with a sleigh in the 21st century, he has a spaceship named S-1.XD They have soldier elves to operate like S.W.A.T., sneaking into every homes to send presents before the sun rises.

However, for all the technologies and gadgets they use, they miss out one child. They only discover it after the Santa return to their HQ at the North Pole. Santa and Steven don't care about it at all. On the other side, Arthur, full of love and care, set off with Grand Santa on the old sleigh (produced in year 1864 if not mistaken.haha) to deliver the left out. His adventure begins.

I love that slippers!It can sing and you see the eyes so cute!

One of the reason I like the movie is we usually don't have the idea that Santa has a family, and he can retire and pass on the job to his son.
As you can see he is the wrap star, dressed like a ninja.I forgot how many presents he can wrap in 3 days. He can wrap a bicycle with 3 pieces of gift paper.XD

My mum said "The Polar Express" is nicer.haha.

Okay~happy holidays and Merry Christmas!!


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Pasca SPM

Finally, SPM is over. The days of staying up late to study will temporarily vanish in my life, at least for several months. I would say overall it was a good one, thanks God.

Argh, what should I do now??

As usual I have piled up many things to do after examination, like tidy up my room, after exam lah; clean the old books, after exam lah;do some reading, after exam lah; blog, after exam lah, etc. You know you will think you will have plenty of time to do the chores, this is very logical right, but the fact is you will naturally feel whatever you do after SPM is a time wastage. Haha.

Just like now, I am like running a race and I have finished it, so I am targetless. It is like holding a compass but the needle just can't stay still and show where is the North. I need sometime to settle down and reorganize my thoughts, then I will start the race again.

As many of you know, my mum don't allow me to drive before and during SPM, her reason is I will get distracted if an accident happens. Well, just last night, I told her I am going to drive all the way down to Johor Bahru and come back. She smiled and said okay. Guess what she says today:


" Okay okay, I am just kidding, I will just drive around the area."


What?! After SPM she has no more solid reasons, so she just forbids me to ask why. What a cool mum I have.

Tomorrow will be the first Christmas party I will attend, hope to have a good time with our classmates. And of course to whom it may concern, I wish you luck.=)



It is like tossing a coin, the result will be just head or tail. Face it or don't toss it. And I am ready to risk it, even that means getting a tail.