Friday, 29 May 2009

Finished!?Haven't start yet~

Yo~School Exams have finished finally.However,I still can't rest and forget all~T.T

Next Tuesday and Wednesday I will be sitting exams for NUS high school scholarship selection.haiz~who can help me--just myself can help me-.-
I need to swallow the whole Form 4 Addmath,Chemistry,Biology and Physics,ARRRRGGGGGG!!!IN THREE DAYS!!

Frostjokerz,any suggestions anot?How to study well?Jeffrey,sorry lor,I m not asking u,I noe I touched ur sensitve issue d.XD wakakaka juz joking.

Ya,I ask the one who call me sifu de,recently has pomoted to my advisor or jing ji ren.He will help me to broadcast my latest activities and news in bu4 every morning.that's mean he will oways speaking in the front.XD wakakaka~

So~the only thing that delighted me is the vacation in Yanyi's House!!!!and thanks for my dear kakak,who has been working for our family since 20 years ago,willing to shift her piano class for the outing.XD I will belanja her more laksa.

Duno wad will happen in Yanyi's house.I think we can invite Jeffrey to overnight in Yanyi's house.So that the 3musketeerz will turn his father's house upside down and in and out.haha~

Jeffrey and I stay together before during the shinobi's camp last year.Quite nice experience.XD Jeffrey somemore punished us to pump 20 times I think...I won't forget.haha~joking only.

Alright,wish me good luck for my exam next week,thanks~xD

Matthew~I fall deeper...

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Exam Week Has Already Started

Yesterday I just finished my Malay and Geography paper. I think I did it quite well.

Next week, I will sit for the rest of the subjects.Yesterday,I received a good news (perharps xD) when chatting with Yanyi.Dun worry,I will shut upXD.Sorry ar Yanyi,oways late reply(searching tips for exam), but I better than Jeffrey rite?He din even reply.haha~

I will confirm to u a few days later about the time I will reach your house.Looking forward to see what you have planned for me,for our holidays.XD Maybe we can gather at your house to play UNO or have a BBQ at the pool side.wakakaka

Well,I think is time to study.Hope to see you soon.

Matthew~Give anything but not give up.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Exam Week T.T

Exam is on tuesday la deng. Not well prepared. Somemore everyone is like so nerd,

can purposely dont come to school just to study, some people dont even reply on

Msn.People like Jeffrey ah, purposely on Msn and study, then dont reply ppl.

Yan Yi.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Last post before Exam!


Long time never blog~I think this will be the last post for this semester. First of all, Yanyi, I sure will go back and visit you guys,but make sure you prepare a place for me to overnight!I declare first, I dont wan to pitch a tent at padang BU4!!!Although there is near to 1u and Ikano,but I prefer your room.XD I scared at night it will be too many 'ppl' accompany me at padang.I prefer alone at night.wakakaka

Well,it is the exam season again!!Right after projects~Seems a lot to cover.But I am still wasting time on posting.XD Feel a little pressure dis time, some of my classmate says they wan to overcome me in this exam.And some even stupid n awkward, they call me as Singapore boy and Singaporean. they called me so definitely not becoz of I am Kiasu or Kiasi or wad, Jeffrey n Yanyi noe well I m not this kind of person. Just I m selected to represent my skul to sit for an exam for a scholarship to Singapore. Maybe they thought if u are planning to go to America,u are an American. But in class I juz ignore them, no need to waste time on arguments with them.

well well well, nevermind , juz forget abt that, I still have Jeffrey and yanyi and brother WeiYang, the next Ketua Pengawas of Bu4 (Opppsss, Jeffrey pissed off) XD.Jeffrey ar!juz play ur guitar well n be a frostjoker,those discipline cases juz leave it for WeiYang ok d.xD)

opppsss.This holiday when I just step in Petaling Jaya, I think I will be whacked n thrown n punched by ... by... erm... maybe Jeffrey,Chee wai,Soo yeng, Abi, Yin Yin, Pei Jin, Timothy and others Form 3 prefectsss.After that, onli Weiyang will bring me to the hospital and lodge a report at policestation.XD wakakaka~

ohya~Nearly forgot Yanyi!(Dun cry Yanyi,u r owys in my mind),Yanyi will play an important role on my plot above.Erm.......erm......he will be the driver that drive me to hospital.Ya!!thats perfect!!Let's see,if without yanyi the kind lengzai driver who drive me to hospital, I will straight away die on the spot.See??yanyi is so important.

BUT,,,yanyi,I request u, drive faster on that day u noe!!maybe Jeffrey will put some poison on his shuriken!!!Tricky bad Jeffrey~ohhh!!!Still got keng han!!The Ketua Tandas!!but keng han doesnt matter me...I can solve his best weapon he ever had~non-stop nudging.Wonder why on earth will he choose such a lousy trick as his best?Argh!!!I got the answer~IT IS BECAUSE HE ISN'T THE 3MUSKETEERZ!!!XD wakakaka

Am I right,Yanyi??Do u agree that?wakakakakakakaXD

why so serious?~Smile~

Matthew XD

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Happy Birthdayyyy

Today, 12th of May, is one big day. xD It's Soo Yin's birthday. Ahaha. We gave her a

special present, but sadly she didnt cry. Damn dissappointed la seriously. I still

remember what she gave me last year. The birthday card she gave me is damn

meaningful, wahaha, but i didnt cry also. xP Arrrghhh, Matthew Lim, you better let

me see you on holidays, if not you DIE !

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Joker's Joke

sorry for those who dunno mandarin.It is a mandarin joke.Can ask Jeff n Yanyi to translate.haha~

Matthew~I get my nudge tools scripts back...NSFP#1 A(H1N1) beware!

Hey hey hey. -.-

So freaking long didnt update edi ( as usual). Today is Wesak Day. So yeah, Happy

Wesak everyone.Today is kinda fun day. Soo yin was crazy about taylor swift's song and

MV. Non-stop playing the song and the MV. But true la. Taylor Swift so hot ! Right,

soo yin ? xD Matthew is coming back on holiday. Woohoo. Who want to go out that time ?

It's holiday and after exam edi. Dont give me stupid reasons saying you cant come. xD

Oh ya, yesterday the whole 3 Matahari was standing on the stage of tapak

perhimpunan for 1 period , except the prefects. Thanks to who ? Pn Lee Tsock Wah lo.

The reason she gave is that our class is dirty, bla bla. Its not fully our fault

also. Some sohais and bitches come in and simply throw rubbish around. Giving us

problems. But nevermind la, this helps me become more famous. Even the new form 3

student that just transfered to our school also know me after talking to him in a

buddhist centre today. Cool neh ? Oh ya, and a teacher that looks like Mojo-jojo

went into our class ytd. Pn Nora, our super funny bm teacher didnt come. So sad. The

mojo-jojo ah, seriously look damn funny somemore his actions like very lembut(aka

gay). xD me and wei yang keep on talk about him and i think he knows we are talking

bout him. End of post.