Friday, 29 May 2009

Finished!?Haven't start yet~

Yo~School Exams have finished finally.However,I still can't rest and forget all~T.T

Next Tuesday and Wednesday I will be sitting exams for NUS high school scholarship selection.haiz~who can help me--just myself can help me-.-
I need to swallow the whole Form 4 Addmath,Chemistry,Biology and Physics,ARRRRGGGGGG!!!IN THREE DAYS!!

Frostjokerz,any suggestions anot?How to study well?Jeffrey,sorry lor,I m not asking u,I noe I touched ur sensitve issue d.XD wakakaka juz joking.

Ya,I ask the one who call me sifu de,recently has pomoted to my advisor or jing ji ren.He will help me to broadcast my latest activities and news in bu4 every morning.that's mean he will oways speaking in the front.XD wakakaka~

So~the only thing that delighted me is the vacation in Yanyi's House!!!!and thanks for my dear kakak,who has been working for our family since 20 years ago,willing to shift her piano class for the outing.XD I will belanja her more laksa.

Duno wad will happen in Yanyi's house.I think we can invite Jeffrey to overnight in Yanyi's house.So that the 3musketeerz will turn his father's house upside down and in and out.haha~

Jeffrey and I stay together before during the shinobi's camp last year.Quite nice experience.XD Jeffrey somemore punished us to pump 20 times I think...I won't forget.haha~joking only.

Alright,wish me good luck for my exam next week,thanks~xD

Matthew~I fall deeper...