Tuesday, 3 January 2012

First Day at Work

Many of you have started working or studying. Congratulation to you if you make it to college! I want to study too!Ya I almost get into Inti to study HSC but, no.Haha.

Tomorrow school is going to start, I can't bear seeing my sister in uniform and school bag to return to school. How I wish I can go back, to meet up with you guys everyday, doing nonsense and pranks, joking about everything. We still can hang out, but not on a day to day basis like we had in school right? It's okay, although I can't have a proper education at least in 3 months time, I can start home-schooling myself.XD I will do a lot of reading, touching every subject every topic to fill up my brain. Borders is the first place I want to conquer, with Starbucks of course. Yeah!

Okay, let's talk about what actually happened during my first day at work after 3 years. I tried to look some part-time jobs in Sunway, but then my mum offered me to teach at her kindergarten as a Chinese teacher. Okay then, it's just half day, I can do my own stuff in the afternoon. However, I take it as helping her, not hoping to get the pay. She is my mum man and I am sure she won't scold me.Haha.

I reached there with my mum at 7am. My time is from 9am to 12am. I continued to read my Steve Jobs until the kids were ready. I taught 4-year-old kids first. First day of school, what would you usually do in class? Self introduction and getting to know each other. 

I asked one of the kids :" What is your name?" 

She stared at me with innocent eyes. After a few attempts, I was fed up.

I asked the next one the same question :" What is your name?"

" Name!" She repeated with a broad smile. Argh.

I asked the third one, which I knew his name.

"Are you Firaz?"

" NO." He didn't bother to look at me. Perharps, this is humour?


It's so hard to control them. I really admire my mum having such tolerance, not patience. Firaz loves to teach others how to play a toy. He tries to be a teacher. He can be a leader someday.

Then I changed period to teach elder kids. They were more disciplined and organized. I gave them Chinese spelling to recall their last year's lessons. One of the girls kept shooking her head saying "I don't know I don't know!" Even you had taught her, she still refused to learn. Then she drew a square and told me it's a circle (wow). I drew a circle and asked her what's that, she said it's a square (cool).

One of the girls is very clever. She wrote faster than others and started to laugh at people who were slower. She tried to be one step further than others, then other clever kids also wanted to follow her. The class turned into a turmoil.

One thing in common however, for the kids -  they love to colour.

I think I didn't give so much trouble to my teacher when I was at their age. Haha. They are horrible kids!

Hope tomorrow will be better! Yeah!