Friday, 28 January 2011

One day after My Birthday!

Yesterday I was so ecstatic because of my birthday!I will blog about it next week with a lot of pictures!Glad that I brought my camera to capture the most touching and warm happy moment.XD

And the ecstatic feelings seemed to have continue until today.Many were still wishing me belated birthday wishes.=) My mood was as mass-less as clouds, floating here and there.hahaha.

Today we had a motivation talk in the hall. The speaker put us into a test :"How can you join 9 points ( like 3 times 3 cube arrangment) with 4 continuous straight line?"

I heard it and had done it sometimes before but I couldn't remember it. The hint is you can extend the line out of the given points. :) The message he wanted to bring out was we must always think out of the box in this strong competence world.

He continued :"How can you join all the points with one line?" While we were discussing, I simply blurted out aiya just use one wider pen point to wipe all the points lah!They all laughed as you know the very best thing I know is kidding and make fun and my imagination has no limits (not in arts though,arts requires creativity but not imagination.).

However, he revealed the his answer as using one big brush and brush all the points out. HAHAHAHA!This time I laughed.But I have no confidence (with some humble feelings) to raise my hand up to tell my answer before that.

In fact, I learnt 3 important things and lessons in this new year:

1) Don't say you have no time, as the saying goes, TIME IS LIKE CLEAVAGE, SQUEEZE IT AND THAT'S IT (时间就像乳沟,挤一挤就有了).

2) Think Out of the Box. Use your kidney to think.

3) Crapping is a good thing to do.XD Speaking non-revelant stuff can brainstorm your imagination, making something impossible to possible. Remember the case I just shared?haha.Lame right?Use your lung to talk. (用肺讲话,讲废话).

Once again, Happy Birthday to Matthew Boy!!Cute and laugh forever!May you have full A+ in SPM!May whatever you lay your hands on prosper!!!!!